Re: the May 13 article "At Basis schools, there's another way to hike teacher pay: Parent donations."

I am disappointed that the author of this piece did not seek out any opinions from parents of currently enrolled Basis students on the issue of teacher pay. As the mother of a third grader at Basis Oro Valley Primary, I am thrilled with the quality of education that he is receiving and am more than willing to donate to the teachers' fund.

It seems to me that instead of criticizing Basis, we should be studying them to learn how they manage to achieve success, such as having seven high schools in the US News & World Report's 20 Best High Schools listing, even with less funding from the state than lower performing schools. A huge part of that are the enthusiastic, skilled, dedicated and passionate teachers who motivate our children to aim high.

While the rigorous Basis curriculum may not be suitable for everyone, surely, learning from their best practices — such as rewarding teachers for excellence — could be beneficial to all schools.

Alexis Bantel

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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