Re: the May 29 letter "Schools need a redo."

As a retired high school social studies teacher, I am disappointed at the lack of respect for teacher expertise. When school administrators, the state legislature and the public fail to listen, the solutions offered are seldom effective. Teachers have seen a plethora of ideas for change come and go, continually adapting their teaching to new requirements put upon them by those not necessarily in the know.

Experienced teachers know how to create a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, leaving only the most serious discipline problems for administrators to handle. In my experience, World and US History are not taught from a revisionist view and Civics is taught both at the middle school and high school level.

Additional funds for schools can be utilized for not only teacher training, but to reduce classroom size to offer an atmosphere of learning further tailored to the students. Those outside the classroom who want change need to step inside the classroom for an informed view.

Laura Steele

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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