Re: the May 30 letter "Teachers and affordable housing."

A recent op-ed letter expressed the opinion that a teacher in Tucson could easily afford a $200,000 home. The writer cites an “average” salary of $49,000 per year for teachers. I suspect that figure includes statewide administrators’ salaries which can be $10-20,000 more per year than a classroom teacher; including those numbers skews the “average” higher. I suggest interested readers look at the pay schedules for their local school district. According to the 2018-2019 teacher pay schedule for TUSD a starting teacher’s annual salary is $39,200. With 15 years of teaching experience, $46,700. After paycheck deductions for taxes, health insurance, and retirement my son, an Arizona teacher, brings home about $2000 per month to pay his bills and provide supplies for his classroom. And yes, he is considering teaching abroad, not so much for the salary but for the respect that is given to teachers overseas that he has not experienced here in Arizona.

Claire Morello


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