Re: the April 17 article "City loses paramedic lactation case, could pay $3.8M."

Men don't seem to understand a womans biological need to breast feed and use the milk to feed their newborn baby. It is quite apparent from this article at the Tucson Fire Department. Lack of concern by the Fire Chief, is not right. There doesn't seem to be any oversight, in the conduct of the Fire Department Supervisors over the woman. Why does it have to take the courts to step in, to right the injustice in employee relations. My dad used to say, at the dinner table, it isn't the job that is hard, more times than not it is the people behind the jobs that makes it difficult. That is so true.

The city of Tucson, has a lot to still learn about human relations, and making sure everyone's needs are satisfied, in the jobs, and not just for a few, but for everyone. City of Tucson, please wake up, and lets work together to solve these problems, as a team.

Robert Fife

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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