Re: the May 21 letter "Preschool proposal is a money grab."

Rather than "One more idea to pick the pockets of citizens," Pima County funded preschools would enhance the pockets of thousands of Pima County residents. The cost of childcare for working parents can burn a huge hole through family's pockets.

Think of the number of potential Pima Community College students if there were public preschools that enabled parents to continue their education. PCC could and should support the idea of Pima County preschools . The College could do so by providing the space on each of its campuses for a preschool.

Pima County funded preschools would elevate our residents' standard of living. Poverty would be reduced. Public preschools would make it possible for many more Pima County residents to pursue their higher education. It's a good idea that has many more pluses than negatives.

David W. Gallagher


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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