Re: the May 10, 2017 article "BASIS goes the extra mile for special education students."

Dr Rose Hamway is a true champion of our community.School social worker and psychologist said nothing to the abusive principal as children suffered emotionally and physically, we did what we could, then removed them from the system. This woman suffered because she did what is right. She should be honored for her self sacrifice that benefits all children. Dr. Hamway is nothing short of a living hero who deserves the respect of everyone not only because of her title, but because she chose to rise above the rest and come through for those who needed her most. She set the golden standard of conduct in the current group think, abusive, racist, hellhole that Tucson calls education. If we all honor her example by imitation, imagine what education could be like for our children; worldwide!!! Dr. Rose is a rose among thorns.

Nadine Taranto

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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