Miller Road in Scottsdale has two elementary schools between E Roosevelt and E McKellips - Yavapai and Zuni. Permanent large speed signs when approaching these schools read SCHOOL, SPEED LIMIT, 30, 7AM - 3:30PM, SCHOOL DAYS, ALL OTHER TIMES, 35. During those hours, one low profile temporary sign is placed within that 30 mph SCHOOL ZONE indicating 15 mph. There are no beginning or ending signs for that 15 mph zone. Nor are there additional safety measures, precautions, or warnings. But there is a photo camera ready to capture those exceeding 15 mph. This dangerously inadequate arrangement clearly reveals child safety is a secondary concern to revenue generation, secondary due to possible ambivalence toward children attending a low rated school with a high non-white demographic. Whatever the case, child safety at this location is unarguably a serious sham and speed control a blatant revenue generator.

William Makin

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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