Re: the March 14 article "Admissions scandal highlights divide over class in America."

Front door admissions, backdoor admissions and now side door admissions provided by a company — The Key. The have-nots, the haves and now the have-mores. It’s always been a slippery slope of degrees. Parents sign-up their infants to highly regarded preschools. Parents move to a “desirable “ district. Subject tutors and test coaches are hired. Elite private or charter schools are chosen. Donations are made and legacy admissions are honored. Wealth can buy power, privilege and entitlement. Yet a life laden with advantages is not enough. So The Key opens a side door made of greed and acts of bribery. Shameful. As a result, worthy students find not a front door, a back door or a side door. They find a closed door. With no key.

Carolyn Luján

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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