Seems business leaders are finally starting to realize that repeatedly cutting taxes for businesses have created more problems in education. With today’s story about the push to increase the sales tax, business leaders are starting to realize that a well-educated work force is essential for any business. But unfortunately for taxpayers we’re expected to help solve the problem, which Ducey created.

The Governor should restore funding for education, and pay the schools what they owe and we wouldn’t have this sales tax dilemma. Governor Ducey has to make another hard decision, cut taxes every year in office there by keeping the Koch Brothers happy. Or make the really hard decision to extend the 0.6-cent sales tax that voters first approved in 2000 to fund education. The Governors press aide said he doesn’t support raising taxes. Surprise Governor, a SALES TAX IS A TAX.

Clyde R. Seele

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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