Re: the April 18 article "Teaching children about money, budgeting is priceless."

Reading the Opinion piece by John Gibson, Wells Fargo, I was reminded that many years ago, Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Company (now known as Wells Fargo) took the innovative approach taking banking into the schools with the School Savings program. Once a month, our School Savings staff members visited schools in the Tucson area teaching children about the importance of savings, helping them open a savings account into which they could deposit small amounts every two weeks and watch their precious pennies grow and earn interest - way back when a plain old savings account could earn 5 percent. I believe that program began in the 50’s and continued through the 60’s, and probably ended in the mid 70’s when Southern Arizona Bank and First National Bank of Arizona were merged by our holding corporation. Those children today are senior adults who likely taught their children (and possibly Mr. Gibson himself) the importance of saving for the future.

Georgia Duncan


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