Letter: Texas high school gives parents a new dress code

Letter: Texas high school gives parents a new dress code

At a school in Texas, parents are getting dress coded as they drop their child off at school. The controlling principal doesn’t believe that parents can set a good example for their children. Parents are supposed to be our role models and set a good example for their child, but the principal does not consider how busy our parents are, especially in the morning. Parents do not have the time to worry about their hair as they stay in the car and drop their child off. These families may not have enough money to go buy new clothes to suit their new dress code. The principle should not set rules for parents because they are adults and spend a limited about of time at the school. Some parents may not think much of this rule being set into place, some parent may even agree with it but you have to consider all of the parents not just the ones that can afford it or have time for it.

Christina Madrigal

South side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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