Re: the Feb. 5 article "Key magnet statuses for pair of TUSD schools are threatened."

My reaction to this article was stronger than usual. Although my entire 37-plus year career as a TUSD educator/coach was dominated by the desegregation suit, this article triggered a gut response: I'm tired of my community always failing to meet the plaintiffs' needs. Ms. Campoy was correct in stating "We view bouncing students around... as being very unfair to the student population."

My daily walk takes me past two shuttered TUSD schools and a high school clinging to life support. Charter schools have replaced our district schools. (One charter opened in our closed elementary school). The fact is that all neighborhoods want stable situations.

While attempting to satisfy this deseg suit, we have dropped programs, transported whole communities of students to far reaches of TUSD, weathered angry accusations, and driven parents and educators to seek more dependable options. We're tired. Maybe this adversarial relationship isn't productive. Maybe it's time for a collaborative, comprehensive approach to this wearisome social manipulation.

Cindy Coleman

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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