Re: the Dec. 17 editorial "With UHS plan on hold, needs of all must be considered."

Several points in the editorial jumped out for me. I am a retired Director of Special Education and, although it been a number of years since retirement, I remember working with one of these issues. The first issue is the accommodation of students with wheelchairs. The editorial implies that this is the only school where students that require wheelchairs can attend. As I recall, there is a federal law that required all schools to be able to accommodate individuals with wheelchairs and not only one school. The editorial also implies that those students using a wheelchair cannot attend the Rincon High School. This would be a mistake in the education of all students.

The second topic that I noted was the use of highlighting "brown and black" students rather than talking about all students. It seems to me that this is discrimination.

Del Zander

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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