Changes happen, and we are left wondering what to do. As community members, we can speak up and help make things better in and for our community:

1. Write to Governor Ducey and Arizona Legislators requesting increased funding and streamlined policies to and for our education system (even with re-allocated and streamlined funds, we are not able to provide the best services to our community);

2. Write to Governing Board members requesting (a) an updated salary schedule that takes into account all years of experience in the school setting, and all units/hours (including alternative measures) of training and readiness programs for each position, and (b) streamlined policies and processes;

3. Share personal stories that embody compassion, empowerment, financial sense, and common sense.

I am a mother, teacher, and advocate of and for building strong relationships and ending systemic domestic abuse in our communities.

Viva! (la revolucion!)

<3 Felicia

Felicia Chew

Candidate for Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board 2018

Felicia Chew


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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