•Our founding fathers believed in public education.

•It’s in our state constitution to pay for public education before everything else.

•Our state has refused to pay the constitutionally mandated amount for 10 years.

•We have a surplus of $1 billion to go towards erasing that debt.

•We haven’t raised the education spending cap in decades!

•We haven’t raised per-student spending in 10 years. We’ve cut spending in those 10 years.

•We want an educated populace.

•These are the future employees, business owners, and service providers we will need soon.

•I’m teaching with 19 year old textbooks; ceiling tiles are falling in my classroom; I buy pencils for my students.

•We have a teacher shorter; many teachers leave because they cannot afford living on a teacher’s salary.

Thank you for your support. This issue affects us all.

I am a freshman English teacher, who works about 56 hours per school week/ about 12 hours per break week and wants to afford the American dream.

Jeanette Rupel

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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