According to Mr. Hansen Coach Miller should be terminated because in the “Court of Public Opinion” and “ethics” the U of A is getting “Hammered.” Not only that, but it is permissible to fire a man without actual legal cause since he is going to get paid “regardless of what happens.” To fire a man based on public opinion without due process is unethical in and of itself. To propose that speaks to the unfair and unethical state of mind of the author. The value of the “sheep skin” comes with the quality of the education provided by the professors, the effort put into learning by the holder and the competency of the work post-graduation, it has nothing to do with sports. I am thankful for the protection that due process affords every citizen because without it many of us would fall prey to the despotism of the “court” of public opinion. The high moral ground always involves truth and fairness, not opinion. Hansen proposes a return to McCarthyism.

Richard Harper

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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