Bemoaning college athletes losing their sports innocence by being compensated is beyond naive. If these hand wringers want true purity of unpaid amateur college athletes, then also call for the recovery of the maidenly virtue of their exploiters by cutting off the millions of dollars paid to their college coaches, athletic programs, colleges and universities. Oh, and don’t forget the well over annual billion dollar profits of the sacrosanct NCAA. Have any of the joy stoked fans wondered how an unpaid college athlete disabled in the line of sports duty is able to provide and care for her/himself for the rest of their life? Not the entities who profited off them.

Justice long overdue, California assures athletes whose names and likenesses are marketed receive payment. What intelligent person wouldn’t seek recompense from others profiting off of their identity. Some outstanding athletes may receive outside significant business sponsorships: Good for them! Rightly reaping the benefits of thousands of hours of physical exercises and practices. They’ve earned it.

Glenn Johnson


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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