I too do not like to hear Walton announce any game what so ever. He is often totally off the subject of the game or anything else for that matter. So turning off the sound was an easy answer. The TV and radio were out of sync, so listening that way didn't work. I realized I really didn't need a commentary to enjoy the game. It's kind of like attending the game (I did for years). So to fill in the quiet, I decided to learn to play a banjo. Not kidding.

When the game starts, I just turn the sound down and play my banjo. So that is two hours of banjo practice. It works well for other sports that really don't need an announcer (i.e. volleyball, they talk too much. too). If Walton keeps announcing, Tucson just might become the banjo capital of sports. Banjo is not hard.

Ned Russell

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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