Re: the April 15 Sunday Notebook.

As a UA grad and current employee, I take exception to columnist Greg Hansen's opinion — this time regarding the Lute Olson statue dedication. Words Greg used to describe the event included "understated," "the minimum," "weak," "underwhelming" and that it was held on a hot and windy Thursday afternoon. Please, the organizers can't control the weather conditions and unbelievably he had the poor taste of comparing it to another school's statue dedication.

It is really difficult for me to understand how Greg can continue to have a platform that is so critical about what I would call a really touching event. Lute's extended family, as well as many former players, were there and it appeared all had a wonderful time. Maybe I should be more thankful that Greg has a voice because it allows the reader to see the contrast of honoring a man for his excellence and class while reading an opinion that lacks both.

David Corsi


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