I've been a fan of University of Arizona sports since my family moved here in 1958. . I've seen the U of A win national championships in baseball, softball, golf, swimming and basketball, and I've enjoyed all of it. This year, my wife and I were lucky enough to attend the WNIT. More than any previous team, this group of young women feels like "Tucson's Team." During the first four rounds, the students didn't turn out. Local fans from Tucson did in ever-increasing numbers. To their credit, the pep band showed up and led the cheering. The athletic and school administration supported this team. I believe they saw the wisdom in investing in coach Barnes and this team for this year and the future. People who have been lucky enough to witness this run know that the school has put down a solid foundation for the future and dividends will be collected next year and beyond as Wildcat Women's Basketball will be competitive. Go CATS! We're proud of you.

Gerald Barkan


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