Re: the Dec. 6 article "Database: UA near bottom of Pac-12 in coaches' pay."

My heart is bleeding for the assistant football coaches at the University of Arizona. They make deplorably low salaries bringing in yearly salaries of only $600,000, $560,000, or $400,000, etc. I do not know how one can even survive on that low pay, even in relatively affordable Tucson.

At other schools, they pay considerably more, so the Regents should do the right thing and rapidly increase those salaries at least to the range of $1 million plus per year rewarding them for their outstanding accomplishments. After all, our football team, not in any bowl once again, is the heart and core of the University, never mind math, foreign languages, chemistry, or physiology. The academic fields only exist to serve the Athletics Department so that their students can receive any kind of degree. Increase tuition for all students exponentially, whether they like football or not. Coaches are the truly essential staff at the university; faculty and advisors are not that necessary, I guess, considering our salaries. Shocked?

Albrecht Classen


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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