Nobody “wins” when there is a strike! Cars are not being built and workers are not working. Yes, $250 a week for striking workers is no where near their take-home pay, when on the job, but the workers walked-out, not the company. Strikers say they just have to “last” just one day more than the car companies, but this walkout could last for weeks! I haven’t got a crystal ball, but over 50 years ago I was a UAW union member (no choice) but only stayed there for one year in the factory.

The work is boring and very repetitious. The only good thing is the “money”, health benefits and retirement. I heard from a very reliable source that $1000 of every new car bought by us (consumers) goes to pay UAW employee retirements! Anyone UP for buying a new car this week? Love that “sticker shock.”

Kenneth Unwin

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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