Re: the April 13 letter "Taxpayer money goes into black hole."

As a biologist I’d like to answer the retired engineer who feels that public funds are wasted studying black holes, because “There are things . . . well beyond . . . ever being understood. . .”. Perhaps ultimately so. But let’s not forget astounding recent advances of science. In developing the theory of general relativity just over a century ago, for example, Einstein and others successfully predicted observations that had mystified humankind for decades, including anomalies in the orbit of Mercury and bending of light rays around stars (indeed, the latter success led to the theoretical prediction of black holes in 1939). In the same era, Einstein and fellow physicists struggled to understand the particle nature of light.

As you read this on your device under LED lighting, can you imagine how much of our modern world we would miss without scientists questing for pure knowledge?

Nickolas Waser

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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