Loyalty to my country and a duty to protect our natural rights, given to us by God, is at the forefront of my motivation to public service. Respect for our freedom and liberties drives my dedication to Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

I served as an intelligence professional on the Afghanistan border, watching what instability in a country creates for its citizenry. Our southern border has not been secure for years and there must be a will to keep American families safe.

My platform is three-pronged in supporting our country: I will support the protection of our country’s sovereignty by securing our borders with any and all necessary methods needed; I will advocate for the abolition of the Department of Education and any other program not authorized by the Constitution, and I will work to reshape the Republican platform to remove items that do not protect natural rights as laid out in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Moving forward during this 2018 midterm election cycle, with hard work, and a grassroots effort, we will keep this Southern Arizona open seat red. We have the opportunity to restore accountability and personal responsibility by electing someone who will represent the people of Southern Arizona, and not be at the mercy of big money establishment.

I took an oath to protect my country when I served as a soldier; when I was hired under the Secretary General Staff at Fort Huachuca, and I will take it again when I am sworn in as the representative of Congressional District 2.

I humbly ask for your confidence and your vote on Aug. 28. Together we will secure our present and secure our future.