President Donald Trump talks with reporters before departing on Marine One for the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

When someone lies to us more than once, they lose our trust. For the past three years, Donald Trump has denied, deflected, distracted, blamed and lied about issues large and small. There has been bullying and divisiveness. When will the line be crossed?

Trump’s lies range from large to small. He kept the Birther Conspiracy alive for years, then took credit for stopping it. He claimed his father was born in Germany instead of New York. Why?

Animosity between Trump and John McCain continued past McCain’s death. After railing against McCain at his rallies and elsewhere, Trump denied talking about him at all, blaming the Fake News Media.

He called the whole Mueller report a hoax and a witch hunt, from start to finish. Throughout the investigation, Trump was compelled to denigrate it and use the words “NO COLLUSION.” Incessantly.

After the redacted report came forth, saying that there was Russian interference but no clear evidence of collusion, Trump claimed total vindication and innocence, leaving out several instances of potential obstruction of justice.

Trump recently boasted that he was the Most Transparent President in History, then did what he could to stop any investigation into obstruction.

Is it transparent to prevent people from testifying? Is it transparent to ignore subpoenas? Is it transparent to keep taxes and financial records hidden?

The investigation into obstruction is being obstructed, it seems. A truly vicious circle. A person with nothing to hide, hides nothing. It is not the behavior of an innocent man.

On May 31, Trump decided to threaten Mexico with a tariff, starting at 5% and rising monthly to stop illegal immigration. A tariff would have no more chance of stopping border crossings than stopping the wind.

Perhaps Trump was throwing red meat to his base. Or to show how he can tank the stock market with a Tweet. What if it were to influence insider trading? Imagine informing certain people about a move that would cause the market to rise or fall. Think of the power it would give someone who craves unlimited power and influence.

It may have merely been a distraction from any investigation or issues regarding himself. The distractions are continuous. Try to think of one day without attacks on someone or something. The Witch Hunt, the press, the FBI, every network but Fox, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, the Democrats, Mexico, ad infinitum. Everything but Russia and Saudi Arabia. The worst distraction would be to start a war, which would not be surprising.

Most people see through all this. His followers do not know or care. If they ever realize they are merely pawns in his con game, his power will significantly wane.

If the line of morality and legality is crossed, and Congress and the Right Wing Media make it country before power and money, Trump would be through. He would continue to seek daily attention, but would be the emperor with no clothes.

Trump could prevent this by inviting investigation into his affairs. He could accept full blame and responsibility should matters go wrong. He could admit to mistakes and apologize when necessary. He could give others credit when due. He could pledge honesty, and ask to be held accountable. He could become a role model for decency, something we desperately need. He would lose some followers, but eventually gain new ones.

If he stays on his present path, our deep divide will widen, and he may be resoundingly removed from office, by one method or the other.

For the immediate sake of our country, may he choose the more positive way.

Paul McCreary grew up on a farm in Illinois, taught in the Detroit area for 29 years, and retired in 1995. Before moving to Arizona, he and his wife owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Colorado.