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Fitz's Opinion: Is this cartoonist a hater or a lover?
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Fitz's Opinion: Is this cartoonist a hater or a lover?

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David Fitzsimmons

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

I've been called a Hater. A sociopath. Obsessed, deranged man and anti-American. I’ll cop to three out of four.

Trump has no clue how many millions and millions of Americans feel a profound, deep, raw hatred  coupled with an intense disgust for him and Party, a party that attracts racist birthers, Confederate flag fetishists and Biblical illiterates like untended outhouses attracts flies. Could be that bubble, that echo chamber he lives in, like a Biosphere Econaut, unable to see beyond the thick glass.

You who support him might ask yourselves why is it that so many of The People view your savior as a vile racist, your heroic leader as a repugnant ill-mannered troll, and his party a craven white cabal of sociopath enabling lick spittles? Why is that? Why do millions lack your insight into the man?

 Simple. "They're Haters."

Pawns of sinister puppeteers. Soros. Hillary. Shrug your shoulders. Keep your dial on Fox. Blame agitators. The media. They’re all criminals. Call for law and order! Dominate them. Call out the Marines, so that the Great Man can fearlessly hold aloft a Bible, upside down, an appropriate metaphor for the inverted, perverted logic that drives him to such madness.

You didn’t see or hear the civil protest. You deny tear gas and violence befell the peaceful assembly. You believe your fine man of great moral character wanted to reassure the Nation he stands with God, guns and the Old American Way.

Careful. Turn the channel.

Seething Hatred on a Biblical scale changes history.

Careful. Turn off talk radio.

The Haters may hate you into the dustbin of history and slam the lid down.

Careful. Listen to pollsters beyond your own. I would not be surprised if in November the Haters kick you into the deep dark abyss of eternal historical disgrace.

It’s entirely possible I'm simply deranged. Obsessed. A sociopath. A Hater.

I like to think not. I like to think I'm a lover not a hater. I love this country. I love its Constitution. I love our Preamble. Our free press. Our diversity. Most of all I love our potential for true greatness. Doesn't everybody?

David Fitzsimmons:

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