I have spent my entire career serving and protecting the people of Arizona. I’m running for attorney general because I believe Arizonans deserve a choice — between the cynical politics of yesterday and a new start where the people of our state will come first. There are some real contrasts in this race on the issues that matter to Arizonans. Let’s look at a few of these issues.

Our current attorney general is wasting our tax dollars by joining lawsuits that actually take away vital health-care protections for Arizonans. If he is successful, more than 1 million Arizonans with pre-existing medical conditions can be denied health care. And that’s just the beginning.

He has taken an office that was historically one of the least political in the state and transformed it into a tool for big campaign donors. He joined out-of-state litigation to defend ExxonMobil from having to turn over documents in an investigation. He went to California to defend donors to the Koch Brothers network from having to disclose their identity. And closer to home? He has used the office to change ballot language that helps APS, a company that donated more half a million dollars to his election and re-election campaigns.

And unlike past Arizona Attorneys General, he has been weak in pursuing stiff penalties against corporations like opioid manufacturers. Waiting until election year scrutiny to seek justice for those impacted by the opioid epidemic is bad for Arizonans and we cannot send a message to other potential bad actors that our state is a place where consequences don’t matter.

We deserve better. It is essential that we have an AG who will stand up for us, not just for his donors. We need an AG who will stand up for Arizonans in Arizona rather than for multinational corporations in California and Massachusetts. Arizonans need a fighter who will work tirelessly on our behalf to ensure public safety and the vibrancy of communities, protection of consumers and seniors, and a defender of civil and constitutional rights. The Attorney General should be protecting and preserving expanded access to healthcare and prescription drugs, not trying to remove and retract it.

I am running for attorney general because I have a demonstrated passion for advocating for the rights of hard-working people who are all too often overlooked by politicians because they don’t have paid lobbyists or can’t write huge campaign checks. Every day of my career has been spent protecting and advocating for Arizona families. I’ve had the privilege of serving as a county and state prosecutor and lawyer to victims of crime working to bring justice for survivors of sex trafficking, domestic violence and elder and child abuse. I have fought to restore transparency and integrity in government, and held special interest groups to account. As attorney general, I will never sacrifice the common interest of Arizonans for a donor, a lobbyist or a political agenda.

If you want more of the same — more of the attorney general taking away health-care protections, defending his donors and big corporations in out of state courtrooms — you can vote for my opponent. If, however, you want an attorney general who will singularly and solely put the interests of Arizona and all Arizonans first, I will work tirelessly on your behalf and only on your behalf.

January Contreras is a former county and state prosecutor and former adviser to governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Contreras is a candidate for Arizona Attorney General.