Republic Services Recycling Center

Financial losses in the city of Tucson’s recycling program are escalating sharply. As a result, officials say they might start sending glass and paper to the landfill.

Ackerley gets

public safety

I would encourage anyone associated with the Tucson Police Department and the Tucson Fire Department to vote for Ed Ackerley. He is the only person who I have heard speak about his support of these two critical functions at length.

Donald McKenney

Northeast side

Reduce overall waste and new schedule works

Re: the Oct. 31 letter “Not the season for biweekly recycling.

I sympathize with the letter writer’s frustration that the Tucson has cut back on recycling pickups during peak consumption season. Unfortunately, the city’s recycling situation was dire, and something had to be done. The decision to make recycling biweekly means less trucks on the road, less carbon emissions, and improved air quality. It means less tax dollars spent on operating the trucks.

I encourage the letter writer and other readers to use reduced pickups as an opportunity to reevaluate the waste our habits create during the holiday season and throughout the year.

A better approach than recycling is to reduce overall waste. The internet provides instructions for reducing unwanted mail. Disposable bags are eliminated by reusable bags. Less boxes end up in the recycling bin by making fewer large orders rather than frequent small orders, shopping locally, and buying less. Hopefully we can reduce the waste we create so that biweekly pickups are more than enough. This is beneficial to the environment, and our tax dollars.

Katie Voll


Nothing partisan about requiring accountability

There’s been a lot of comment by Donald Trump and his supporters about how partisan the Democrats are in (finally) opening a formal impeachment process against him.

But it seems to me the real partisanship is by the Republicans. After close to three years of lies, corruption, betrayals of the public interest and gross incompetence, denying that there is abundant cause for impeachment is only explainable by the most cynical partisanship.

Just compare what Trump is accused of now with what Bill Clinton was accused of 20 years ago. And Clinton was impeached, and tried in the Senate because the Republicans were so outraged by his vile conduct in trying to keep secret a private, consensual relationship.

But holding Trump to account for his many crimes is partisan. The hypocrisy is truly mind-boggling.

David Steinberg

Northwest side

Oaths: Do they mean anything?

Now is the time House and Senate members have to make a basic decision: Do they obey and honor their oath of office or not?

We saw the beginning of an impeachment process initiated in the House of Representatives. Now, as the evidence is portrayed to America, do these members treat it as serious to our nation or a political exercise in faith in the president as a cult leader? This is what some may say a “come to Jesus” moment, especially for the Republican Party. Arguments about process miss the basic question.

Did he do it or not?

There is no other question to be answered and no way to escape the nature of the decision on this matter.

Are our representatives and senators going to honor their oaths of office or political expediency? The nation will be watching as they did when it was Nixon who did it.

Donald Shelton

Northwest side

Sinema just

might be a politician

Re: the Oct. 31 letter “Troubled by Sinema, who ran as a Democrat.”

Thank you for the link about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, it was an interesting read. I voted against her for the very reasons outlined at the beginning of the article and her apparent conversions to credible Republican positions makes her a much more appealing candidate.

How confident can we be that she isn’t just positioning for votes rather than actually “seeing the light”?

Geoffrey Fox

East side

Pelosi’s tune

has changed

On Oct. 31 the U.S. House of Representatives had a floor vote to pursue a full impeachment inquiry into President Trump. All but two Democrats voted for it, and all Republicans voted against it.

Back in March in an interview with the Washington Post, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposed impeachment, saying, “It’s so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

Well, the House floor vote was not bipartisan. It was strictly partisan. Pelosi is a hypocrite, and the only reason she held the floor vote was because Republicans in the House have been successful in denouncing and exposing the secrecy and the one-sided, closed-doors hearings that have been ongoing. President Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) should now politically target Democrat congressmen/women who voted for it in swing states. Do Trump rallies.

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

Trump Library

should be interesting

I read in the Star that firefighters in California saved the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library from the wildfires and that got me thinking—what will the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library include?

Here are a few suggestions for the collection:

Five Trump Steaks, four bankruptcy filings, three marriage certificates, two divorce decrees and a payment to a porn star. No books. A framed Trump University diploma. The Mueller Report. A love letter to Kim Jong Un. An autographed portrait of Vladimir Putin. Covfefe. Certificates of Occupancy for Trump Towers in Moscow and Istanbul. An entire section can be devoted to nondisclosure agreements. A video loop can feature Sean Spicer repeating that the president’s inaugural crowd was “the largest inaugural crowd, ever—Period!” About half-a-million tweets. And, of course, Articles of Impeachment.

James Nesci

East side