Regina Romero mayor

Regina Romero is hugged by U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva at an election night party at Hotel Congress shortly before she was announced the winner in the city’s mayoral race.

Beware a second Trump term

After bubbling under the surface for many years, the dark side of our country has finally exploded into the light of day. Donald Trump is the champion of this underbelly of moral decay. He leads America’s slouch toward the alt-right, dictator-rich movement that is becoming a world phenomenon. He represents all our prejudices and boiling resentments as the bold instigator of scorn for the “other.”

Women beware. This is not a movement sympathetic to your concerns.

While Congress squabbles, our regression continues apace, rocking America’s stability and reputation around the world.

Trump is a caricature, a standard-bearer for what is low and unsavory and been waiting for release. His followers are what prop him up, and many are a fearsome bunch.

If he survives this impeachment and then is reelected, by hook or crook, this ill wind will become a hurricane.

Ron Lancaster

North side

Sunday school lessons have changed

I’ve learned so much about God in these past three years, thanks to the many Evangelical Christians who realize the greatness of President Trump. For instance:

That God favors those between borders of special countries and ignores the misery of the outsiders.

That God understands that the GNP and economy outweigh morals, ethics and common decency.

That God sees no difference between truth and lies.

That God admires the wealthy and disdains the poor.

That God realizes taking food away from children and seniors is OK as long as the money is provided to buy and extra yacht or vacation home.

That God made a mistake in creating persons of the LGBTQ community.

That God laughs at adultery as just big boys having fun.

That God made written words in order to promote hate and bigotry.

That God doesn’t care about the erosion of the beautiful world as long as oil and money keep flowing.

Boy, was I misinformed before this.

Duane Harpet

Northwest side

Change to UArizona just another enchilada

Remember when some think tank thought it would improve Tucson’s image to switch its nickname from “The Old Pueblo” to “The Whole Enchilada”? The Whole Enchilada was contrived, trite, trendy and short-lived. Thank goodness, The Whole Enchilada didn’t stick. I wonder if UArizona will. It represents the same top-down attempt to replace a well known, more historic reference with a newer one.

Cindy Hansen


There’s hope despite Paris accords exit

Re: the Nov. 4 article “Chance opens for Trump to leave Paris climate pact.”

While this is concerning, there is hope. Recently introduced House Resolution 763 would, over time, reduce carbon emissions.

A price of $15 per ton would be placed on fossil fuels with the proceeds of that fee rebated to the citizenry. The fee would increase by $10 each year, thereby providing more household income while simultaneously making carbon emissions more expensive. The slow increase in cost would allow both time to switch to less carbon intensive forms of power. Economic modeling of the bill reveals that it would reduce greenhouse emissions by at least 40% in 10 years, would protect most low income households, would provide health benefits and create thousands of new jobs.

It deserves the support of our representatives. Please write them and ask them to support it.

Mike Carran

East side

Rule of law not enough to stop nacrotrafficking

Re: the Nov. 3 Tim Steller column, “We must protect rule of law, the best border wall we have.”

Tim Steller recites lawlessness in Mexico related to narcotrafficking. His article was published before nine Americans, including children, were gunned down by cartels just south of the border. Steller says there has been little “spillover” of violence into America from Mexico, thus no need for a border wall. He cites America’s “rule of law” as our wall.

How absurd of an argument. Maybe Steller does not know of the hundreds of ongoing criminal investigations being done by ICE and DEA related to Mexican nationals, for smuggling and distributing narcotics in America. How many Americans have been victims of crimes committed by Mexicans illegally in the country? That is “spillover”? Steller ignores the “rule of law” application when it comes to the thousands of Central Americans who came here abusing our immigration system, many filing meritless asylum claims, or committing child endangerment. Steller has always opposed the border wall.

Alice Moreno

North side

Health care is designed for corporate profit

I don’t know what the perfect health-care system might be, but I can guarantee what we have is designed for corporate profit, not to keep us well. With hospitals and insurance companies run to make money-making medical decisions for us, we have given up any hope of having medical care be decided on the basis of need or what’s best.

This is what needs to be debated instead of the focus on specific plans like “Medicare for All.” So you love your health insurance? That means either you’ve never used it for more than simple routine care or you are incredibly wealthy and it doesn’t matter to you. Want what the GOP offers? Then you want nothing. Where is Trump’s promised best healthcare ever?

Henry Wallace


Tips on how to be a Tucson driver

The following are some tips for drivers who are new to Tucson, or reminders for snowbirds just returning.

First, always use your turn signal, but activate it only as you are in the process of turning, not before. Two, no need to signal when changing lanes, but if you do, be sure to leave the blinker on until you reach your destination. Three, consider this scenario: You are approaching a shopping district on your right that has three entrances, with three consecutive turn lanes. Turn on your blinker and merge into the first right-turn lane, even though you don’t intend to turn until the second or third entrance, or maybe not until you reach the next intersection. Now for four: when turning right on red, don’t actually stop and don’t bother yielding to approaching traffic. Five is a bonus tip: If you decide to walk, jog or ride a bike, wear asphalt-colored clothes to blend in with your environment. Follow these tips, and you can be a bona fide Tucsonan.

Alan Doan


Hard work underpins Romero’s success

We need to stop the insinuation that Regina Romero won election as mayor solely because she is an “insider in Democratic politics,” as the Arizona Daily Star put it in a Nov. 6 article.

Yes, she had the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva and many other politicians in Pima County. Yes, she is a Democrat in a city in which Democrats dominate. And yes, spending from outside groups helped her.

Here is the biggest reason: Romero won because she outworked every other candidate, something the Star has neglected to report.

She told supporters after the primary election that she and her campaign workers knocked on nearly every door in the city, some as many as three times. Romero campaign workers came to my door twice.

Hard work still matters. That’s the foundation of anyone’s success. Build on that with intelligence, political and governmental experience and the ability to connect with people, and we have Mayor-elect Regina Romero.

Shraddha Hilda Oropeza

West side