The Trinity

A rendering of the Trinity project being built by Tucson mayoral candidate Randi Dorman and her husband, Rob Paulus. The project, at 434 E. University Blvd., is making use of the city’s Government Property Lease Excise Tax, or GPLET, incentive program.

Practicing self-care can be key to helping others

Re: the Nov. 14 letter “Happiness means making others feel good.”

The letter writers underscored the importance of the phrase “The way to be happy is to make others so.” True as those words are, one critical element is missing from the saying: the importance of nurturing ourselves so that we can do for others. Many examples of this dual concept come to mind, from the sage words of Rabbi Hillel (“If I am not for myself, who shall be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I?”), to today’s flight attendant who reminds us to put on our own oxygen masks in case of emergency before we help others put on theirs.

The sweet scent of the holiday season is in the air. How important it is to take care of ourselves during this very busy time in whatever way repairs and revitalizes. The possibilities are infinite.

The hard part is to strike a balance between doing for ourselves and doing for others. It’s up to each person to wrestle with that delicate dilemma and make a decision that feels right.

Barbara Russek

North side

crazyTalk of ‘quid pro quo’ has made us go crazy

The term “quid pro quo” is frequently cited in the news these days, a Latin phrase that is not in my daily lexicon. I’m like most and don’t go running to the nearest dictionary for insight, but rather glean definition through popular usage.

So I’m pretty sure it means “hyperbole begets hysteria.”

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Deputy was justified in restraining teen

I feel compelled to express a different point of view of the sheriff’s deputy who restrained the teen paraplegic. First, the young man was expelled from school for a period of time. Second, he “acted out” at the group home, causing the female staff member to be apprehensive (criminal assault).

Third, if he has been dealt a bad hand in life, he should deal with it during therapy. He lives in our society. There are rules. Follow them. Last, the deputy only restrained the teen. There were no night sticks, chokeholds, or anything but restraint. I feel the deputy should be exonerated. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Sharon Otstot


Architecture in Tucson is now an abomination

As a long-time Tucson resident, I’m concerned that the Tucson’s City Historic Designations and Design Review process isn’t working. Some of the newer buildings in the West University Historic District do not enhance the beauty of that area and they look completely out of place. The new building on University Boulevard between Time Market and Trinity Presbyterian Church is probably the worst example of architecture that looks like its straight out of the Soviet era.

It is an abomination in that beautiful old neighborhood. How could something like that have passed any kind of historic review process — especially in a designated historic district? Where do these architects come from who seem to have no sense of time and place? Surely one of them could have come up with plans for a building that fits nicely into that old neighborhood and wouldn’t be an eyesore for decades. If the city doesn’t start doing its job better, then Tucson will become just another characterless hodgepodge like Phoenix.

William Ellett