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Halftime show in poor taste

I waited a few days, but saw no concerns about the Super Bowl halftime show, with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira singing and dancing. From the skimpy costumes to the gyrating pelvises of the stars, I felt the show crossed the line toward X-rated. Is this what American parents want their children to emulate?

Young people look up to these stars and want to look and act like them. It’s no wonder parenting has become so difficult. The show was even praised the next evening on KGUN-TV’s broadcast.

I admit to being old, 80, but feel I have paid my dues trying my best to raise eight children and 17 grandkids. Our society is making this job ever more difficult.

Frank J. Cipriano


Sen. Romney,

thank you

I have followed politics closely for at least 63 of my 73 years. I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, however, had he been elected I know he would have treated his responsibilities with honor, been a patriotic American, and abided by the Constitution. He would not have been a serial liar, wouldn’t have based his decisions exclusively on enriching himself, his family and his billionaire supporters and I wouldn’t have doubted his sanity.

In short, I would have respected him and his office, as I have every president, Democrat or Republican, since Eisenhower. Even with Richard Nixon, who was a crook, I never doubted his patriotism. I don’t respect Donald Trump nor what he has made of the office. I think it is sad that Sen. Romney is the lone Republican senator to put this country over their personal enrichment and political aspirations. Thank you, Romney, and shame on the other 52 Republicans. Your lack of virtue will follow you through history.

Brian Crehan

Northwest side

Amend Constitution

for next impeachment

As the U.S. Senate acted similarly to the O.J. jury, the irony that Alan Dershowitz was one of Donald Trump’s attorneys was not lost on me. Both juries refused to accept the crime and “nullified” the verdict. The only way to prevent this travesty of justice from happening again would be to change the Constitution through an amendment.

Ridding it of the ambiguous “high crimes and misdemeanors,” while specifically outlining offenses, would spare us from future debates. Additionally, it would need to specify the trial go before the Supreme Court, not the Senate. The high court presumably has no vested interest in who’s in the White House.

Tom George


A vote for Romney — if I could

It’s striking that in the lead-up to the Lenten season, we have a lone Republican senator voting to impeach the president basing his vote on his belief in the Constitution and his Christian faith. He knows he will be “crucified” by the “emperor” and his “minions,” yet lives his faith.

No other Republican senator referenced their faith in explaining their vote to acquit Trump. As an independent in these times, I long for a candidate who, like Sen. Mitt Romney, exhibits honesty, courage, independence, belief in our Constitution and has a strong faith. President Trump and many other politicians lack one, or more than one, of these five attributes. If Romney were running for election in Arizona, he’d get my vote.

John Kuisti

West side

Focus on the ‘fire’ in ‘fireworks’

Re: the Jan. 6 article “Senate bill would allow some Arizonans to discharge their own aerial fireworks.”

When reading my morning paper Thursday, I see where a Republican senator from Sierra Vista wants to allow the residents of Pima and Maricopa counties to shoot off aerial fireworks. Did this guy fall out of a tree on his head?

The dangers of this are numerous, including, but not limited to, setting fire to the drought stricken areas of these counties, the fright it causes the animals leading to an overcrowding of the local animal shelters, and just plain nuisance from the noise they cause.

The local firework displays each year are accompanied by fire engines to douse any related fires. Are these people going to pay to have a fire engine stand by for them? Those of us who have these concerns are imploring the lawmakers to vote down this ridiculous idea!

Pamela Heskett

East side

Call the election off;

Trump is a lock

I firmly believe the Democratic Party should cease their “doomed to failure” search for a viable and electable candidate for president next November. They do not have a sane man or woman in the group of potential runners, so why waste time and money. Donald Trump has mastered his position of leading the world, and fought off a never ending opposition from the domestic left successfully. He has brought our country out of the darkness that eight years of Obama left us. The only ones profiting from a Democratic challenge is the mainstream media. So why not just concede the election now and let the president lead without the bother of a foregone election outcome in November.

Hasn’t the country been through enough from the Never Trumpers and Democrats already?

Bruce Johnson

North side

Post-acquittal gloating

was crude, embarrassing

Re: the Feb. 6. opinion piece “Commentary: Romney got it right on Trump”

For over 225 years we have been guided by a president, our commander in chief, political leader and the man we supposedly look up to. For over four days, we have been treated to an arrogant, vicious diatribe by the current holder of that office. He gave his State of the Union speech, then spoke to a prayer breakfast, then finally met with his Republican cronies to gloat over his almost-unanimous (and expected) “acquittal” from impeachment.

The upshot was three lying, menace-laced indictments of his political enemies, where he used words such as “dirty, rotten, corrupt, dirty cops, evil” (apparently referring to anybody who doesn’t slavishly praise him) sprinkled in with dirty words, threats, and suggestions of revenge. Meanwhile, any supporters are “warriors” and one Republican who voted his conscience should be “banished.”

Mitt Romney, you are an American hero. Donald, you need your mouth washed out with soap.

Paul Rees

Northwest side

If you’re not skeptical, you must be gullible

A healthy dose of skepticism is generally considered to be wise, whereas any level of gullibility is considered to be the opposite of wise. So I ask you, do you have a healthy level of skepticism when evaluating statements from the people whom you support?

If you are skeptical, are you a progressive, and if you are not skeptical are you a conservative? If you are not skeptical, then you must be gullible. If anyone has trouble figuring out if they are wise or foolish, please let me know.

Vin Allen

Northwest side

Tucson’s youth have one party to blame

Re: the Feb. 2 article “Growing up in Tucson a disadvantage for many, study finds.”

A recent study ranks Tucson 91st (or ninth worst) out of 100 of the largest metropolitan area for youths to grow up. This is an awfully poor representation of Democratic Party rule in the city, TUSD and Pima County for decades.

John Schmitz


Biden accountable for Ukraine fiasco

Re: the Feb. 4 article “Impeachment will be remembered as a sham perpetrated by Democrats.”

There are underlying issues pertaining to the Ukraine that have not been discussed. We supported an illegal putsch of Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Even Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted that the State Department blew $5 billion to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych, which provoked a civil war.

Joe and Hunter Biden were heavily involved in this violent affair and profited handsomely from the chaos. Why didn’t President Trump have the right to speak with anyone outside of the U.S. as president? And why shouldn’t he have the right to withhold Ukrainian aid if he had questions about wrongdoing and misappropriation of U.S. funds?

Everything that we did in the Ukraine from the get-go has made that nation an economic basket case, caused it to lose a large chunk of territory (the Crimea), emboldened fascists, initiated a civil war, and nearly provoked WWIII with Russia.

We need to hold troublemaking politicians such as Joe Biden accountable for what they did to the Ukraine. President Trump was right to try.

Michael Pravica


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