Hunter Biden, right, with father Joe Biden, recently said he would step down from the board of Chinese-backed equity firm because his service had become a “distraction.”

Let’s kick clean energy into high gear

Re: the Nov. 21 article “Phoenix’s Nikola Corp. claims breakthrough in battery cells meant to power heavy trucks.”

The Daily Star reported on Nikola’s plan for a production facility in Coolidge for their electric vehicles. Noted in the article were substantial innovations in their battery technology.

This is great for Arizona’s economy and our environment. With a carbon fee and rebate of the fee to citizens as proposed by HR 763, just imagine the market force that will drive this kind of innovation and new clean energy jobs.

Hopefully, Arizona will continue to reap these kind of economic wins as our air gets healthier and our climate stabilizes. We need our Congressional Representatives Tom O’Halleran, Ann Kirkpatrick, Raúl Grijalva to support this bipartisan bill.

Linda Karl, MD, member Citizen Climate Lobby

Northeast side

Congress needs respect, willingness to listen

Congress is at it again, in public. And as you may have noted, differences no longer demand an acceptable palette of mutual respect.

Today, anyone’s language, painted with what appears to be hatred, vileness, bitterness, and invective, is looked upon as simply another form of contemporary art. The art of persuasion. Political style. Something to brighten up the canvas and outshine any opposing inspiration or intended point of view.

The problem, aside from failures of accomplishment, is the influence the character of such civil discourse has on the attitudes of people with differing points of view. Wouldn’t you think it’s time to leave divisiveness to the tribes in Washington, D.C., and for each of us, less anointed, to simply let our actions speak louder than words? Words of truth and, above all, words of kindness? Maybe Congress will get the message. Wouldn’t that be a Thanksgiving.

Don Weaver


Respect is earned, Mr. President

Re: the Nov. 21 letter “Let voters make final judgment on president.”

The letter writer was concerned at what she sees as the lack of respect for the president. Unfortunately, respect is something that is earned, not just awarded. So, what has President Trump done to earn our respect? Nothing that I can see.

He has boasted about the roaring economy, but the roar started in 2010. I’ll forgo mention of the sad foreign trade business, or our declining foreign relations. Trump’s bizarre southern border policies are a template to turn minor affairs into tragedies.

So, how much respect has the president earned from me? Zero.

Dennis Davis

East side

UA needs new football coach

Firing three assistant coaches in three weeks highlights the poor decision-making in staff selections by University of Arizona football coach Kevin Sumlin. We are now to believe he will make better coaching staff choices? The problem is Sumlin, not assistant coaches. Sumlin must go.

Glenn Johnson


A presidency besmirched

The impeachment hearings confirmed for me that President Trump will use every means possible to further his own interests.

In this particular instance he tried to use funds authorized by Congress to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia, to assist himself in his run for reelection. He tried to use American foreign aid to force the new president of Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Doing the investigation (according to Ambassador Gordon Sondland) was not necessary, only the public announcement which would harm his opponent. It is illegal, by law, custom and the Constitution to ask or accept foreign help to further a domestic political career.

The president did wrong and should be impeached. My preference would be impeachment, followed by removal from office. But if that is not to be, then impeach him, and we will remove him from office in 2020, and he will be known forever as Donald J. Trump, impeached president.

He has besmirched himself and the country.

Katharine Donahue