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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

In this Nov. 6, 2020, photo, a canvas observer photographs Lehigh County provisional ballots as vote counting in the general election continues in Allentown, Pa. The 2020 presidential election officially entered the record books Saturday the turnout reached 61.8%, eclipsing the recent mark set by Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008 and demonstrating the extraordinary engagement of Americans in the referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

It’s time to let

the votes count

This is a nonpartisan letter. I want the vote count in Maricopa County to be accurately reported. I’m writing just to point out the logical flaw in Senate President Karen Fann’s desire to assure citizens have “100% confidence” in the election system. Trying for 100% confidence while stoking doubts is like saying, “We have to fill this bucket to the brim,” while you’re poking more and more holes in the bottom.

The vast majority of citizens have no way to assess the accuracy of voting machines, nor do we know all the ins and outs of running an election. We rely on experts, working with elected officials, to assemble what’s needed to run a fair and accurate election and to oversee it. Then we rely on our elected officials to honor our votes.

Carol Breimeier

Southwest side

What were these ‘many accomplishments’?

to understand

Recently, I’ve read a number of letters written in support of Donald Trump and decrying those of us who are not fans. These letters criticize people who dislike the man, arguing that what we should be celebrating his “many accomplishments as president.”

I am genuinely puzzled, what are these “accomplishments”? In almost four years, he has managed to bring out the worst in this country, dividing it in its loyalties. He has separated immigrant children from their parents.

He has been played by North Korea, even while upsetting the Chinese. He has withdrawn from various important international accords, weakened environmental protections and threatened the existence of health insurance valued by millions of people. Even women’s rights are under fire. Please, someone, tell me, what exactly are this man’s “accomplishments?”

Kendra Gaines


Enough with

Trump grievances

It’s astounding to me that a vain, empty husk of a man like Donald Trump, could sucker so many people into carrying his grievances. I assume his inability to accept he lost by millions of votes reflects his bitterness that he entered office under an investigative cloud. Because he will resort to unscrupulous behavior to win, he surrounded himself with characters who would go to any lengths to help.

If this was a witch hunt, well, quite a few witches were found and went to jail or perjured themselves in efforts to avoid accountability. Then James Comey failed his loyalty test and was fired. Which did not look good.

And Trump lied about everything. Why would you stop investigating such a character? He showed his playbook and used it again with Ukraine and again with the election he lost.

There should be no sympathy for poor, poor Donald. No one stole anything from him. He made his choices and has accountability for them. Neighbors, can you not see who he is?

Ted Ranney


Trump should be like Hillary and concede

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but loses the Electoral College by 77 electors, so Donald Trump is president-elect.

Within a day, Hillary conceded graciously and Barack Obama congratulated Trump within hours, promising a smooth transition. There were no claims of election fraud or significant legal challenges.

In 2020, President Trump lost the popular vote by over 6 million votes, and lost the Electoral College by 74.

Weeks later: No concession by Trump and his minions, false claims of election fraud (repudiated by every state election chief, Democrat and Republican and the federal national cybersecurity director), multiple frivolous lawsuits (all failures) and now illegal attempts to mess with electors. Transition blocked!

No protestations by Republicans about their “down ballot” successes in Congress or state legislatures, no fraud claims here in the same election!

Don’t Trump and supporters know, or care, that attacks on our elections, the cornerstone of our democracy, delight Russia, China and our adversaries around the globe?

Donald Jeck


Don’t change

Electoral College

Those who wish to abolish the Electoral College display a fundamental lack of understanding of the history of our country. The Electoral College was the result of a compromise, where the small states were rightly concerned that their voices would be drowned out by the more populated states. This resulted in a system that thwarts the tyranny of the majority.

Our country is not a democracy, where decisions are made by popular vote. We are a democratic republic, in which we elect representatives to make the decisions for us. Those who would overthrow that system, including the Electoral College, do so at their own peril.

Yes, today, the Democrats own the popular vote, but the pendulum swings both ways. One day, they will be the minority, and they will decry the unfairness of the popular vote and wish for the days of the Electoral College.

Raymond Trombino

Green Valley

An unwanted change in service

I received a post card from the city of Tucson regarding a proposed change in shared alley garbage containers and Brush and Bulky pickup. I prefer to have the garbage and the Brush and Bulky in the alley.

I live near a street that doesn’t have an alley and it looks very shabby during Brush and Bulky. I am elderly and it is much easier for me to remove my Brush and Bulky to the alley as the majority of my trimmings are from my back yard. I don’t like the idea of having to take several bins to the curb.

There was a short period of time when the alley was unavailable due to infrastructure construction. We were provided with individual garbage bins. It was more inconvenient and the smell was pervasive in my yard during the hotter times.

I hope that others who prefer the current arrangement would join me in letting the city know their preference. I would gladly pay a $16.75 per month fee.

Barbara Moore

East side

We need to save hundreds of saguaros

I am concerned about Tucson’s saguaro cacti and wild habitat. Hundreds of saguaros are growing on the lot southwest of La Cholla Boulevard and 36th Street. They could end up in the front yards of some of the 170 houses that would appear on the site if the mayor and city council allow a developer to ignore existing zoning laws.

If this happens the value of these cacti to wildlife will be gone forever.

No other Sonoran Desert plant provides homes and food for a greater diversity of wildlife. If a young Saguaro is relocated to a yard or landscaped commercial site, away from its wild desert home, the complex ecological relationships it’s capable of supporting might never happen. This plan should be stopped in its tracks.

Wanda Diaz


Save Reid Park’s pond and hill

Save the duck pond and Barnum Hill. The duck pond has always been my family’s favorite part of the park. We should also keep Barnum Hill, named for Willis Barnum, who facilitated the creation of the park by purchasing the land when the city had no funds, and selling it to the city in installments at the same price.

Besides having an intense interest in golf, Mr. Barnum served on the local draft board during and after WWII. He was also my wife’s grandfather.

Bruce Billings


Democracy and elections key to trust in America

It is a pity that doubt is being cast on the U.S. election system. Our current election procedures are constantly being tested and refined to defend against fraud and interference from nefarious corners of the world. Who would have thought that our system would be undermined by its leadership?

In 2018, President Trump funded the creation of the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (under the Department of Homeland Security) that provided assistance to the states and many free tools with which any state could test its voting system and receive help in strengthening any weak spots.

And now that same president is denigrating those systems and calling the election fraudulent. Would he try to cry fraud if he had won? I think not.

Free elections are the foundation of our democracy. Destroying the foundation will cause our demise. It will be a sad day if that happens.

Cindy Soffrin

Northeast side

Trump needs to pay attention to COVID

It has been over two weeks since our election and Donald Trump has still not conceded. He has put all of his energy into a “false” election while at the same time over 1,000 American citizens — and they are his citizens too — are dying a day. Imagine what could be done if he put the same amount of energy into working with health officials with COVID-19.

Trump and his followers need to understand the virus is the real problem not an election he lost. Please come to your senses.

David Baumgartner

Northwest side

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