Please, not another developer for mayor

The very problems that Tucson’s next mayor will have to deal with: lack of affordable housing, gentrification pricing out longtime residents of neighborhoods, overemphasis on downtown with outlying neighborhoods going begging, the push to give tax credits to large businesses while smaller local businesses are ignored, can be attributed in large part to developers having a disproportionate sway over city government.

And you suggest that putting yet another downtown developer into the mayor’s office is the answer? No thanks!

Steve Farley and Regina Romero are two smart, experienced longtime/native Tucsonans attuned to the needs of businesses, neighborhoods and residents throughout Tucson.

They are both much better suited for the job and either would more effectively represent residents, local businesses and neighborhoods across our city.

Mary Graf

West side

Dorman will reinvent Tucson for the better

I lived in Tucson all my life, until two years ago. I wanted to stay, my friends and family live there, my children were raised there and I own a house and keep my permanent residence there.

Why did I move? I couldn’t find a job that would pay me a livable wage. No, I am not a millennial.

Thank you, Arizona Daily Star for endorsing Randi Dorman for mayor. We found the perfect storm in Dorman. She is not only a businesswoman and developer, she was an international brander in her past life in New York. She not only knows what it is going to take to bring paying jobs to Tucson but actually knows how do it. I’ve known Dorman for 16 years though business and now as a friend. When she says she will do something, she doesn’t just do it, she invents a new way to do it better.

Billie Maas


Latinos must look past economy under Trump

Re: the July 29 article “Trump has revived American dream for Latinos, other immigrants.”

Monica Yelin went off on a tangent in her op-ed regarding the improvement of life that Latinos and other immigrants have experienced as a result of the election of President Donald J. Trump. Yelin goes on to describe the economic benefits the Latino people are facing in the Trump era.

But, I must ask, is she okay with the rise of xenophobia in America? Is she okay with the president’s supporters chanting “send her back” against a sitting congresswoman who was indeed an immigrant who became a U.S. citizen?

Life may be fine for Yelin in her ivory tower with a huge Trump sign in front, but on the ground, most Latino people are growing impatient for this president to get out of office because of the influence he has had over racism and xenophobia in this country.

It’s not all about the amount of money he’s put in our pockets, it’s about what he’s done to our hearts and minds.

Patrick Robles

South side

Farley’s ideas would greatly improve Tucson

A political junkie, I have been attending the many debates and forums for the mayor’s race.

They are pretty boring because the candidates get asked the same questions over and over about roads, public safety, and being a sanctuary city and they are all in agreement on everything. However, one candidate stands out with new ideas when it comes to job creation and economic development.

Speaking to our members of the Screen Actors Guild and Independent Film Arizona, former state senator Steve Farley proposes moving the Tucson Film office out of the Visitors Bureau and revamping it under the department of Economic Development.

It’s a clean industry that could have hundreds of new jobs here. Along with that, he thinks Tucson could become the center of the VR (Virtual Reality) industry, another clean industry just in its infancy.

Those are just some of his ideas to create jobs and my choice for Tucson’s mayor.

Matt Welch

Northeast side

How is Trump the racist one?

Perhaps someone can explain why when Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a third world city it was not racist, when the Baltimore Sun said in 2016 that Trump was correct when he said that Baltimore was falling apart it was not racist, when the ex-mayor said she could smell the dead animals that it was not racist, but when President Trump says the same, it suddenly becomes racist, never having mentioned race?


George Weible

Oro Valley

‘Medicare for All’ would only add more debt in US

Re: the June 30 article “Trump, GOP decry socialism while they practice it.”

Interesting slant from Catherine Rampell’s column. When comparing Medicare vs. “Medicare for All,” the former is a paid-in right, while the latter would include some who have not, thereby adding more stress to the overall budget to pay vendors, i.e. doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.

It’s no secret that our country is trillions in debt as we speak. What is the ultimate answer? Who knows. I don’t see the debt coming down anytime soon.

Ken Zehm

Oro Valley

I’m sure Sen. McSally can speak for herself

Re: the July 27 article “Sen. McSally, it’s time to end your silence on Trump.”

Ever since now-Sen. Martha McSally succeeded in being elected to the US House in one of the few districts in the nation that can go either party’s direction, there has been a cottage industry of boringly repeatable letters against her in the Star.

Still, I did not know the Star was so hard up for content as to publish Naomi Benaron’s largely self-congratulating and book-promoting opinion as to why Sen. McSally has not spoken publicly against the worse-than-excessive coarseness (and stupidity) of the president.

As one who wants my senator to do what is best for the people of Arizona, I believe I know, and Benaron should know the answer: the president is small, petty and vindictive to anyone, Democrat or Republican, who dares to question him publicly. Sen. McSally is, I am more than confident, able to express privately to the president, in language she learned in the Air Force, the points she wants to get across without harming her effectiveness on our behalf.

John A. Johnson


Baltimore comments from Trump not racist

My daughter-in-law trained at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore.

As described by the president accurately, it is rat infested and crime ridden. Not a nod to racism. The word is overused by Democrats.

My daughter-in-law was accosted on the streets while training at Johns Hopkins — all the while going to work to try to save innocent victims of Baltimore’s violence.

Democrats have run the city of Baltimore for 50 years! How have they not solved the problem? Billions of dollars to Baltimore during Obama’s White House and no solution.

This is not about racism. It is about problem-solving. The Democrat leadership has been an abject failure.

Tucson was headed in that direction when we allowed people to live on the streets of downtown Tucson in plywood boxes, while urinating and defecating in the streets and air intakes.

I’m sorry, but this is neither compassion nor sanctuary.

Solve and concentrate on the problem at hand.

Rich Barnes

East side

Stop supporting Trump for your own well-being

To my fellow working-class folks who continue to believe that Trump gives a flying fandango about you: It’s time to get your head out of the sand and admit that your hopes and dreams for jobs and/or increase in minimum wage will never happen.

Isn’t it true that if that pathological liar cared about us he has had plenty of time to bring his many, many outsourced jobs to the U.S.? Has he? No! Remember the tax break he promised us but instead gave to his filthy rich buddies?

Remember, he said he “loves the poorly educated.” He thinks and sincerely believes we are fools who can be easily manipulated, and our continued support proves him right every day.

It’s time to think! Think for your sake and the health and well being of your families.

Ronna James

East side