William Taylor, charge d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, testified that President Trump was holding back aid for Ukraine unless the country agreed to investigate Democrats and a company linked to Joe Biden’s family.

Climate refugees

come in all stripes

Re: the Oct. 22 letter “Prop. 205 could chase the snowbirds away.”

Tucson has a rich history of providing sanctuary for the poor and forgotten. We also find ourselves inundated with winter visitors annually, when traffic increases dramatically, and restaurants and venues are crowded and uncomfortable.

The letter writer forgets that many of the people trying to immigrate are climate refugees, just like the writer.

The difference is the Central American immigrants (our neighbors) are facing desperate conditions due to drought, unemployment, and gang violence. They often are wearing/carrying all the clothing they own, and are bringing their children here to simply survive.

I encourage the letter writer to look more deeply into this problem. Do return to visit and attend our Citizens’ Climate Lobby meetings the second Saturday of each month, from 9:30 a.m. until noon. We are purely bipartisan.

Calming the climate can only help to calm the border.

Gaye Adams


Trump unfit;

now what?

I know and you know that Donald Trump is unfit for office. His associates know. His former chief of staff called him an “idiot” and “unhinged.” His former chief strategist says he was like an “11-year-old child.” His former defense secretary said his level of the understanding is that of a “fifth- or sixth-grader,” and his former national security adviser said he is a “dope” with the “intelligence of a kindergartner.”

Everyone who reads a newspaper, accesses the internet, watches TV or listens to the radio knows Donald Trump is unfit for office. More importantly, Sen. Martha McSally knows Donald Trump is unfit. What are you going to do about it, Sen. McSally?

Jim Walworth

Northeast side

Star shows off

2 fine writers

Re: the Oct. 22 article “Poetry book recounts exploits of school group ‘The Chasers.’”

I spotted two fine writers in the pages of the Arizona Daily Star this week.

First was Carmen Duarte’s exemplary feature article about “The Chasers” of Tucson High back in the 1950s. She has a knack for creating fascinating human-interest tales about goings-on in our unique city. Carmen has been reporting all types of news events as well as working in the features area. You are lucky to have her on your staff.

Second is 16-year-old Drew Messing, author of “He has a pro athlete mother, too, you know,” in the Oct. 23 edition. This author has it all together. The research the writer did was exhaustive and complete. The topic was Gaia Mannion, mother of Wildcat basketball player Nico Mannion; she was ignored in previous Star pieces about Mannion’s athletic DNA. Messing dug into past records and discovered that Gaia had quite an astonishing athletic history. Messing has a bright future. Keep an eye on him.

Jerry Helm

Northwest side

If tuition is free, we will value college less

One of the ways to make college more affordable is to reduce the rising costs of administrative salaries. High-level administrators sometimes receive lucrative salaries for just showing up. Then, if they actually do anything, they often get a large bonus.

Some professors take time from teaching to write proposals for grants to fund personal research projects. Football and basketball coaches receive outrageous salaries for a season that lasts only a few months. “Free college” sounds great, but it may not be as productive as encouraging students to help pay for their own education. We tend to place more value on what we earn than on what we are given.

Jay Quick

North side

Foreign Service’s finest moment

As a retired Foreign Service officer, ex-ambassador, former naval officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, I have never been prouder of the Foreign Service institution and its members than this week. Ambassadors William Taylor, Marie Yovaonitch and FSO George Kent have honored their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic with their damning testimony of the president’s illegal efforts to hijack our foreign policy for illegal purposes and narrow personal partisan gain. I would also note that my compatriot and fellow academy grad, Ambassador Taylor, also honored the ethic and moral valor he learned at West Point.

It breaks my heart to see our country sink to its current ethical level under Mr. Trump’s leadership, but I am also convinced we shall overcome and regain our position as a moral leader internationally.

Jack Binns

Northeast side

GOP’s new meaning: Guard Our President

How times have changed. When there was strong evidence that Richard Nixon knew about the Watergate break-in and was obstructing the investigation, the Senate’s Republican leadership went to the White House and told him, “resign or be impeached.” He did the honorable thing and resigned.

Twenty-four Republican members of Congress broke a number of their chamber’s rules when they stormed a secure hearing room, with cellphones taking videos, in an attempt to prevent a lawful congressional committee from hearing a witness testify “behind closed doors” in the possible impeachment investigation of the president of the United States, in violation of their oath to defend the Constitution and their oath to honor the rules of their congressional office. All condoned and encouraged by the POTUS.

What happened to GOP integrity and country before party? The Republicans are no longer the Grand Old Party. They are now the Guard Our President gang.

Dave Glicksman

North side

You can’t buy smokes, but you can enlist

Re: the Oct. 24 article “Tucson tobacco ordinance may be a precursor to statewide law.”

Well, well, well. So, the Tucson City Council voted to raise the age to purchase tobacco products (and e-cigarettes) to 21. If you are in Tucson, you cannot purchase tobacco products or e-cigarettes at 18, but you can enlist in the military and go to fight for our country.

I get that tobacco usage amongst youth is bad, but this is ridiculous. For the record, I have never been a smoker or e-cigarette user.

Jon Hurtado

Northwest side


from the cold

Re: the Oct. 23 letter “Prop. 205 confusion and snowbirds.”

I find this letter interesting and ironic. Written by someone fleeing such abuse as cold from your home, seeking “sanctuary” of warmth and comfort. Maybe you’d like to spend your winter vacation in Honduras or Guatemala. Both have temperate climates and may be able to provide you with that warmth. You may need more than sunscreen protection and might find out why sanctuary cities are needed. People seeking sanctuary are not on vacation.

Cathy Parsons

Northwest side