Senate McSally

One reader would like to see U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, a Republican, offer her opinion on Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who was saved from a demotion by President Trump after Gallagher was found guilty of posing with the corpse of a slain Islamic State fighter.

Voters of all stripes

needed to defeat Trump

It is depressing and frightening that the Republican Party and millions of Americans continue to support President Trump.

Republican representatives and senators are willing to lie and distort in defense of a president who lies routinely and is gratuitously cruel.

American citizens support him because they are uninformed or are comfortable with his behavior and values.

That all this is happening in a nation based on Judeo-Christian values is beyond my understanding.

Democrats of all persuasions — conservative, liberal and progressive — must unite behind a candidate who will defeat Trump in 2020.

We must acknowledge our democracy is at risk.

Stuart Sellinger

West side

Trump supporters need to leave the Fox bubble

Re: the Nov. 27 letter “President being treated shabbily.”

I know the Arizona Daily Star is welcoming letters from the extreme right, but come on.

I can hardly find the words to respond to this writer’s mind-boggling claims.

I guess this world view is to be expected if your only news is that spewed by the likes of Sean Hannity and Fox (Fair, Balanced and Honest).

No need for facts, I’ll just create my own reality. No wonder we have such extreme polarization.

The writer ends with a self-description. There’s certainly more we can ascertain. It’s very disturbing to think Americans actually believe this absurd nonsense.

Stanley Steik


I’m not proud

of this America

I am no longer a proud American. I am ashamed of the United States of America and what it has become. A land of hatred, where lies are accepted, where people of power can bully, participate and support the lies, and name call children standing to protect the environment they love.

A country where democracy is slowly dying, one civil rights abuse at a time. Where the Congress has supported and participated in the lies, the abuse of power, division and conflict.

A country that takes children from their parents, abusing them in institutions, where many remain a year later. A country that has criminalized poverty and people of color.

It is time to honor the Constitution and democracy of the United States, and to show compassion to those who have suffered from our violations of their human and civil rights.

Hannah Abraham-Shea


Erosion another sign of the cow-pocalypse

Re: the Nov. 20 article “The rural cow-pocalypse you aren’t hearing about.”

This also matters: The seeming lack of appropriate care these bovine are receiving. It appears there is very little forage or water for them. I believe that is why they break through fences and destroy water lines.

It appears the cattle are being mismanaged in such a way that they aren’t rotated on the many acres of privately owned land, state-leased land and BLM land.

The mountain/desert is grazed down to dirt and the erosion that’s occurring is a disaster.

When it rains, the water cascades down the mountain with no substantial plant life to slow it down due to overgrazing.

We’ve watched our property go from eight different kinds of native grasses, mesquite, many cactus species and yuccas to large erosion beds and tumbleweeds.

We’ve been working on erosion control on our property, but it’s difficult when everything above you isn’t being managed.

I feel badly for all us neighbors who’ve been dealing with this for years. I feel badly for the cows. They deserve better as well.

Making this a “no fence” district would be a move in the right direction. We cannot control how well or poorly ranchers want to manage their business.

Julia Lalumondier-Hamel


Here’s one vote

for Trump in 2020

Re: the Dec. 1 Tim Steller column, “Ruthless Trump policies keeping asylum seekers out.”

I will be voting next year for President Trump’s policies, including on asylum, and therefore for him and against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

With 11 million to 22 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., we do not need more, and Mexico isn’t so bad.

My wife and I will be going there again this year for Christmas. Both of us have been to school in central Mexico, and neither of us consume illegal drugs, which too many Americans do, thus supporting the drug cartels.

We are careful in Mexico, but no more so than in my birth city, New York, or Baltimore, Chicago or parts of Tucson.

Feliz Navidad.

James Stewart


McSally silent

on war crimes

Her political identity was built on her career as an Air Force officer, but Sen. Martha McSally is strangely silent about President Trump’s support for Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher over alleged war crimes despite the advice of top military officials.

McSally often invokes John McCain’s name as some sort of justification for being appointed to his office, but does anyone doubt what McCain would have to say about this travesty of justice?

Arizonans deserve to know where McSally stands.

Ken Beegle

East side

President must be impeached and removed

I have watched the public impeachment hearings. It is abundantly clear to me that the president has abused his power to bribe Ukraine to meddle in our election.

I am very upset by the behavior of this president. It is criminal and has put many Ukrainian lives at risk. This is not the behavior of a nation that leads the world into democracy. Rather, it is the behavior of an autocrat who undermines free and fair elections.

I am appalled and ashamed.

There is no other option. This president absolutely, unequivocally must be impeached and removed.

The reputation of the United States as a world leader in democracy is at stake. There is only one reasonable course of action that honors the Constitution.

Aubrey Neihaus

South Tucson

US must get serious about climate change

On the eve of an international meeting on climate change expected to draw delegates from 200 countries, the U.N. Environment Program announced that despite a near-global pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, release of these gases actually rose last year to 55.3 billion metric tons.

Concurrently, our president has once again served notice that we are withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

While the emissions increase is largely attributable to emerging economies such as China and India, while U.S. emissions have declined, we cannot afford to sit on our laurels.

Our president loudly proclaims that climate change is a hoax and boycotts all sessions addressing this issue at international forums he attends.

We desperately need a president who will take climate change seriously and inspire our nation to take a leadership role in resolving this imminent life-threatening crisis.

John Newport

Northwest side