Mercer Fire

Scorched buffelgrass and burned cactus cover the slope of the Santa Catalina Mountains above Tucson Tuesday at the site of a lightning-sparked wildfire from late last week.

Governor’s silence on Ryan telling

Charles Ryan was a failure as the head of the Arizona Department of Corrections. A recent report from two retired Arizona Supreme Court Justices noted, he surrounded himself was “yes men” and allowed himself to be ignorant of the problems in our prison system. As a result, guards were hurt, causing suffering to their families and unnecessary costs to Arizona taxpayers. Inmates were not given adequate medical treatment, resulting in costly lawsuits that had to be defended at taxpayer expense. Yet Gov. Ducey has no critical words for Ryan’s failed leadership. I think that is because, as governor, Ducey knows that Ryan’s failures are his as well.

Brian Clymer

Northwest side

No transparency, no ethics

Re: the Aug. 7 article “Trump, GOP sue over California tax-return law.”

The Republican lawyers have every right to sue the state of California over its new law that requires all candidates to release their tax returns from the last five years. Their arguments, however, are most revealing, shedding light (as if we needed more) on eviscerating ethics of our federal government. In a democracy, we must be able to rely on the candidate’s honesty, competence and transparency. Hiding tax returns is a clear indication that something needs to be kept from public view. Ethics is the fundamental value we need, and when a politician operates with secrecy, screening his/her private life and business, that ethics is lost, and the door to dictatorship is opened. What kind of lawyers are those who filed the suit in the first place? Reckless, spineless, dishonest sycophants who know how to use the fine print of the law for their own purposes (enrichment), but to the detriment of the common good. Bravo to the California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and shame on Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow.

Albrecht Classen


The real meaning

of Nazi socialism

Re: the Aug. 21 letter “‘Another View’ of ignorance.”

In his letter, the GOP county chair wants to compare Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the “squad” to Nazi socialism. Hitler and his murderous henchman took the name Nazi, (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) and “brainwashed” 50 million people or more with their hateful venom. I wonder how long its been since the chairman has opened a dictionary or history book. I did some Googling today. Google defines socialism as “ a means of production, distribution, exchange regulated by the community as a whole.” Hitler’s reign in fact was fascism , defined as “dictatorial, forceful suppression of opposition, strong regulation of society.” In 1948, Russia gave the name “German Democratic Republic” to East Germany. Fewer countries were ever less “democratic,” but they did have a wall.

Jim Merwin

Green Valley

The madness

of Trump

At the height of his despotic rule, Idi Amin referred to himself as “His Excellency President For Life, Field Marshall, Dr. Idi Amin Dada and Conqueror Of the British Empire.” His madness is now rivaled by our very own Donald Trump, who has suggested that he is “the Chosen One, the Second Coming Of God,” deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize and Medal of Honor. He has canceled a diplomatic meeting with the leader of Denmark because he refuses to discuss selling Greenland. The only discernible difference between these seriously mentally ill men is the number of casualties caused by their lunacy. As Trump’s megalomania becomes more acute, he becomes a more serious danger to the 8 billion people living on this planet. As such, he is presently certifiable for civil commitment to a mental health facility until he is no longer dangerous to others. In lieu of that, impeachment or removal from office under the 25th Amendment are the only known treatments for an affliction that menaces the world.

Charles S. Sabalos


Trump panders

to the evangelicals

A recent article stated how Trump fulfills the religious right’s “wish list,” attacking poor people, LGBTQs, immigrants. For example causing Planned Parenthood to dump federal funding because of attached strings denying clinics referring women for abortions. So, the evangelicals love him.

To adore this man’s leadership, otherwise personable people must:

1. Close their eyes to coddling Putin, Kim Jong Un, Saudi princes and other dictators using death, torture and oppression to control their people.

2. Close their ears to the nasty, divisive, self-centered twaddle Trump preaches as “normal” for America.

3. Close their noses to the fetid smell of decay in our cities as lead is water-pumped into our poorer citizens.

4. Close their hearts to the constant damage by Trump’s administration carrying out his orders to trash laws/regulations necessary to protect worldwide societies, and cripple services to LGBTQ citizens whose only “flaw” is to be different.

5. Close their minds to horrors as trashing the Planet yet denying scientific climate change data.

True Christianity —not.

Paul Rees

Northwest side

No ‘Medal of Honor’

for the ‘chosen one’

Would someone please tell “Cadet Bone Spurs” that a draft dodger does not even joke about giving himself a “Medal of Honor.” This is reserved for the very few who gave their all for their brothers and sisters. Just because you think that you are the “chosen one” does not change your draft dodger status. You are a self-centered spoiled brat. I only wish that you grew up in a neighborhood like mine. You would have taken your ball and ran home to mommy with your tail between your legs. Supporters need to keep pretending that you’re less a jerk than facts prove.

Kurt Ohlrich

Oro Valley

A lousy card player and his losing hand

Sometimes in poker you get a player who invariably will “bluff” a weak hand when everything about the person and the cards says its a losing hand, and all the others at the table see this. Sometimes that clown will reliably raise the stakes when it’s clearly money down the drain. This player is not just pretty stupid, but also shows a lack of fundamental understanding of the game (or the rules), a refusal to think he could be wrong, and general bad judgment.

Our President is that lousy card player (with the additional attributes of cheating when possible, and being rude). With the China trade war and tariffs, he’s playing a losing hand after insisting on playing for high stakes, and is being manipulated by his smarter and much more knowledgeable opponents while hurting both countries. He is truly, deeply, a loser.

Norman Epstein, M.D.


A Democrat who doesn’t ‘hate white people’

Re: the Sept. 2 article “Why do Democrats hate white people?”

I am a registered Democrat and I would like to assure the letter writer that I do not “hate white people,” I myself being white and possessed of reasonable self-esteem. In fact, my self-esteem is so good that I am capable of learning information about how my life experience might differ if I were a person of color, without getting defensive about it. I am able to think critically about the historical evidence of racial hierarchy in this country and consider possible solutions to compensate for injustice, without feeling personally threatened. I am able to understand that a white presidential candidate might name a person of color as a running mate not because they “hate white people” but because they believe that racial minorities deserve political representation.

I suggest the writer look into another relevant concept“white fragility.”

Lisa Sagrati