A letter writer is advocating for raising the legal age to buy smoking and vaping products to 21, saying it would save lives. Above are some of the various styles of vaping pens available to consumers.

All the reasons to vote for Trump in 2020

In preparation to become an informed voter for the next election, I have developed the following two lists.

Reasons to vote for Trump: A stable genius; has the best words; great and unmatched wisdom; doesn’t waste our time with long-winded speeches but instead communicates using tweets; reduces bureaucratic gridlock by making quick gut-level decisions rather than wasting time listening to advice from experts; brings the world together through friendships with world leaders who are viewed as dictators and thugs by most others.

He is hospitable, providing luxury accommodations within walking distance of the White House; playful, giving colorful nicknames to those about whom he tweets; and modest, admitting that Abraham Lincoln is the best of the presidents and thus he can only be second best.

Reasons to vote against Trump: I’m tired of so much winning.

Admittedly, my analysis may be insufficiently thorough. I could use some assistance from the Star’s readers.

Davis Parmenter

Northwest side

Vice president’s visit

affected air travelers, too

Not only did the vice president’s visit cause havoc on the roads by closing the interstate, the closing of the airspace over the Tucson area caused many passengers to miss their connecting international and domestic flights. These passengers had to try and make other arrangements, which inconvenienced all involved, passengers and airline employees as well.

Jeannette Jackman

Southeast side

College athletes have earned their payday

Bemoaning college athletes losing their sports innocence by being compensated is beyond naive. If these hand-wringers want true purity of unpaid college athletes, then also call for the recovery of the maidenly virtue of their exploiters by cutting off the millions of dollars paid to their college coaches, athletic programs, colleges and universities.

Oh, and don’t forget the well over billion dollar annual profits of the sacrosanct NCAA. Have any of the joy-stoked fans wondered how an unpaid college athlete, disabled in the line of sports duty, is able to provide and care for her/himself for the rest of their life?

Justice long overdue, California assures athletes whose names and likenesses are marketed receive payment. What intelligent person wouldn’t seek recompense from others profiting off of their identity. Some outstanding athletes may receive significant outside business sponsorships. Good for them! Rightly reaping the benefits of thousands of hours of physical exercises and practices. They’ve earned it.

Glenn Johnson


Must we really debate funding for education?

Re: the Oct. 9 article “Pima students lag rest of Arizona in passing math tests.”

Your article provided some alarming statistics and realities that highlight the challenges many of our children face in the education system. There is an evident relationship between socioeconomic status, race and educational achievement. Much research shows that education creates opportunities, income, resources and knowledge that contribute to and support healthy behaviors. Change can be made to support the wellness of our children through education, so why is funding for education a debate?

We are lagging as a state. Based off the 2018 report, Arizona was ranked 45th, with a D+ ranking, for school funding and the poverty achievement gap. Arizona needs to invest more in education to improve our communities’ health, wellness and economy.

I hope our legislators make the right choice to protect and enhance the lives of our children through investment in education.

Brittney Trang

West side

‘Refreshing pause’

in political correctness?

Re: the Oct. 8 letter “Conservatives aren’t going to dump Trump.”

Many Americans and people all over the world are trying to understand why anyone could vote for and now continue to support President Trump. The letter writer gave us his reasons for that support, among them “a refreshing pause in political correctness.”

As I disagree with all his reasons, I must “pause” and give my opinion regarding his so-called “refreshing pause” reference.

I feel the opposite. According to Webster’s, the opposite of refreshing is: destroying, discouraging, breaking, killing, hurting, dissuading, dulling, ruining, depressing, damaging. Trump is the antithesis of what the president should be. My hope is the impeachment of him and his unqualified and corrupt swamp moves quickly.

Sharon Winderl


Let’s help the youth, make vaping age 21+

Re: the Oct. 7 article “AZ official takes aim at efforts to hike age for smoking, vaping.”

Choosing to not prevent death is illegal. By increasing the minimum age to 21 to purchase tobacco and vaping products, we could prevent our youth from dying prematurely.

Once vaping was introduced as a “healthier” alternative to smoking cigarettes, numerous vape shops popped up in Tucson, where people that are 18 and older could hang out.

Furnished with comfortable recliners and flat screens showing movies on demand, the shops also allowed its prospective customers to choose and sample from an array of vape-pen styles and candy-flavored cartridges, which could be customized to have more or less nicotine.

The vaping industry specifically caters to our younger population and has demonstrated to be a significant health risk. Vaping has been linked to recent deaths from pulmonary complications around the nation, many of which were teenagers below the age of 18.

Stephanie Serrano


Boost your health by visiting a park

Due to our daily life schedules revolving around family and work, we happen to overlook the importance of personal health and self-care. As a public health student, I strongly feel that parks and open spaces are good sources to achieve physical wellness.

Obesity is a major public health concern in Arizona, with a rate of 29.5% in adults, and I cannot stress more about promoting parks visitation for exercise and play. These activities not only promote physical health, but open spaces help people connect with the nature that promotes mindfulness and mental well-being.

However, there are challenges in achieving a healthier lifestyle, and the most important one is access. Only 28% of Arizona residents have access to a park in their communities. Improving access, increasing opportunities and raising awareness to use the existing parks and open spaces needs to be prioritized to promote exercise and recreational activities, and to achieve an optimum community health outcome.

Dakshina Gautam

South side

Vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 474 for Sunnyside schools

The passing of Proposition 474 would grant the Sunnyside Unified School District the tools needed to build our next generation of scholars. The school district has asked the community to vote “yes” on Proposition 474, an override that would provide an additional $9.3 million for maintenance and operations.

As a current resident of the Sunnyside community and a product of the school district, I believe it is imperative to approve this override to continue providing the highest quality of education for the students of this community.

Without this override, our schools would be unable to effectively maintain safe school environments by ensuring custodians, secretaries and security guards are paid fairly. Additional training and professional development opportunities for our teachers would not be available without this funding. This funding would help our teachers improve their skills and increase retention of highly qualified teachers.

Voting “no” on this override would potentially strip away additional opportunities that would increase graduation and college attendance rates.

Rodrigo Valenzuela-Cordova

South side

Democrats must respect 2016 election results

It is time to stop impeaching by press the voters of America who elected President Trump. If Democrats don’t think they can beat Trump with the candidates they have, then find better candidates.

Our democracy depends on the orderly transfer of power after an election. Democrats started a purely political strategy of impeachment even before President Trump was sworn in.

Ken Smalley