Officials’ choice to not testify very frustrating

I can’t believe that White House officials will not obey the subpoena’s to testify before the House impeachment committee. Hillary Clinton responded to every request by Congress to answer questions on Benghazi without hesitation.

She had nothing to hide and was eager to testify. In the last hearing, she sat for 11 hours and answered every question because she knew it was her duty.

Innocent people answer the call from their government. I can only deduce that those White House officials aren’t testifying because they are hiding information they don’t want to disclose.

They are either protecting the president or themselves from wrong doing.

I understand it is their choice but again, innocent people have nothing to hide. They need to come forward so the American people can hear the truth and make up their minds about Trump and his dealings with the Ukrainian government.

Neil Norton

Oro Valley

It’s easy to prove Trump committed act of bribery

The U.S. Constitution says: “The President ... shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sec. 4.

The federal crime of bribery includes: “Whoever, being a public official ... directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks ... or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally ... in return for ... being influenced in the performance of any official act[.]” 18 U.S.C. Sec. 201.

The Trump-Zelenskiy phone call, just by itself, as quoted by the popular vote loser in the White House, proves that Trump committed the crime of bribery.

Why not just wait until the election next year? You mean the free and fair election that would be provided by the Kremlin with the assistance of Mitch McConnell and other Trumpites? That election?

Grant Winston


Congress should think about censuring Trump

Now that we have heard from a myriad of witnesses in the House of Representative’s Democrat-lead “impeachment hearings” of President Trump, we pretty much know the following: Trump wanted the new Ukrainian president to “announce” investigations into any interference his country had in our 2016 election, Burisma Holdings and the Bidens. In return, they would get allotted military aid and a meeting with Trump.

However, there was no announcement of the investigations by Ukraine that Trump wanted. They got their aid that was delayed by a couple months, and the president of Ukraine got a meeting with Trump in the White House. Inappropriate conduct by Trump, but not rising to actions requiring impeachment.

What Congress should do is “censure” Trump, disapproving of what he did and let voters decide in 2020.

I think that a “censure” vote in the House and Senate would garnish bipartisan support. But, Democrats have always planned to impeach Trump, i.e., “Russia collusion,” and when that fizzled, they jumped on this.

Ric Hanson

North side

An electoral majority is all GOP cares about

Sincere letter writers wonder why Trump supporters are blind to his corruption, incompetence, and lies, blaming cult-like brainwashing and ignorance.

The larger reason Republicans cling to Trump is to preserve their minority rule, at all costs.

Small population states with locked-in Republican governments dominate the Senate and the Electoral College. These unchallenged Republicans feel free to ignore strong majority opinion in favor of health care, gun control and higher taxes on the wealthy. They work to suppress the votes of likely Democrats.

In 2016 Trump won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes. He could win in 2020 while losing the popular vote by 5 million or more.

If Trump is repudiated by impeachment or at the polls, Republicans might lose their Senate majority. Republicans have sold their souls to Trump and ignored the well-being of the country for the power to protect the economic status quo.

Karen Owsowitz

Northwest side

Impeachment can be vital to a democracy

The greatest threat to our republic is leaders who deal in their self-interest. The evidence presented to date, show explicitly that the Ukraine saga was not about anti-corruption, which is in the nation’s interest. It was an effort to discredit the findings of the Mueller Report and a political rival to the president.

We don’t have all the evidence, yet what we have is clear. A whistleblower and several officials have brought forth clear claims of self-dealing by the president. We have witnessed cabinet officers’ assistance to keep “We the People” from ever knowing the situation had occurred.

Regardless of party, faithful support of the law and Constitution are paramount for the republic to succeed.

If the evidence is clear, we must encourage elected officials to act accordingly, to prevent the next self dealing president of any party from running roughshod over the Constitution.

If we were to rely solely on elections, the founders would not have created impeachment.

Daniel Palanza

Northeast side

Sumlin needs time, Cats need a strategy

I’m glad to see that we are keeping Coach Kevin Sumlin for another year or more. We might as well give him time to develop a team, as any new coach could not do any better. Hopefully he will do some good recruiting and get Arizona football back to a winning program.

I don’t think the university should pay these coaches so much. I would like to see a reasonable salary, say $500,000 or so, which is still more than most people make, with generous incentives for total games won, conference games won, conference and national position, bowls played in and won, graduation rate of his athletes, etc. If the UA did this, they might start a national movement, which many people feel is long overdue.

Vernon Stedronsky

Northwest side

Impeachment centers around 2020 election

All of the reasons the Republicans have given for not impeaching Trump have pretty much been refuted by the hearings and Trump himself, so they are left with little to argue with on a factual basis. But they will obfuscate and talk about everything except the obvious reason the Senate will not vote to impeach.

It has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, but only with the 2020 election.

A vote to impeach by Republican senators will cost the votes of the 38% bloc of resolute Trumpers and their reelection, while a non-impeachment vote guarantees the Trumpers’ votes and much better odds for a possible reelection. The Republican Senate vote will have nothing to do with the actual facts or the Constitution, but will be determined by the odds of being reelected in 2020. Hence Independent voters will probably determine the election outcome.

John Kuisti

West side

GOP antics at hearings embarrass the nation

After watching the impeachment hearings closely, I’ve concluded that our foreign policy is a disaster and our democracy is screwed.

I’m an independent voter and I’m scared and outraged about what is happening to us.

Anyone who watched the proceedings and the testimonies from the highest quality, bipartisan, career professionals can see that Trump is dripping with corruption.

Republicans Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan were an embarrassment to human decency, the way they treated the witnesses, who were trying to do the right thing for our country.

Nunes’ and Jordan’s crass, blind rudeness seems to be representative of the Republican Party now. What has happened to the GOP?

If and when the impeachment trial occurs in the Senate, Sen. Martha McSally must vote to remove Trump. Any other action would prove that she values her party over her country and is a hypocrite.

What does she want her legacy to be?

Duane Richardson

Picture Rocks