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A pothole full of water awaits unsuspecting motorists at North Dodge Boulevard and East Bellevue Street. To report a pothole in the city, go to tucne.ws/tucpotholes

Whistleblowers perform vital duty; protect them

Whistleblower, a word heard often in the last few weeks, describes a person who has information that a government wishes to conceal but reveals it to protect the public. Whistleblowers are so important that their identity is protected by law, lest they be exposed to danger. That peril is illustrated by another country’s action.

The world is threatened today by the potentially fatal coronavirus. Originating in China, it has spreading worldwide. We were kept in the dark about it because whistleblowers are unprotected in China. The whistleblowers were arrested, jailed and vital information was concealed, leading to a world health crisis.

Here, our president has been impeached. In part, the data that initiated that process came from a whistleblower. The president and his lawyers want that identity made public despite its legal protection. Here, as in China, the whistleblower risks everything to spare us from great harm. To allow suppression of his truth is a step toward totalitarianism.

Harry Peck


Reagan-era GOP

would have convicted

President Trump was impeached by the House, but who was really on trial? I believe that the GOP of the Reagan era would have convicted this president in the Senate. So who is this current GOP? Most of them even deny he did anything wrong when he bribed a foreign government for political gain.

This shows they are totally out of touch with reality and performed a major cover-up in the Senate. They even displayed no knowledge or respect for our Constitution. This will make it impossible to impeach another member of the executive branch, removing one of our great checks and balances.

Jeff Blackburn

Northwest side

3 possible responses

to loss of Stonegarden

Re: the Feb. 3 article “Pima County working to cover costs of shelter for migrants.”

The Arizona Daily Star reports Pima County is working to cover costs for the defunct Casa Alitas shelter, which was intended to accommodate those entering the U.S. without permission. The Board of Supervisors, in their wisdom, apparently believed that President Trump would allow federal funds designed to deter the undocumented from entering our country to instead be used for the exact opposite purpose, to provide welcoming humanitarian assistance. Now the board is shocked that their interpretation of the Stonegarden grant has been denied and the county is out $531,000.

The options we taxpayers have are: One, suck it up. Two, demand that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and friends open their personal checkbooks to atone, or my personal choice, three, vote them out.

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Big business in US

lives off government

Before we get too much further into the 2020 election, and before a certain politician whips us all into a froth over who is or who isn’t a socialist, let’s remember that the banks, the wealthy, and many sectors in agriculture have been on the public dole with massive customized tax-welfare bailouts for generations.

In fact, absent those props, advocates speak of total national ruination. They even say that certain little ones wouldn’t be able to bribe their way into USC. Mercy, heaven forbid!

Now, tell me, what was they a-sayin’ about “entitlements?”

Folks, we absolutely need to feel sorry for all those destitute, privileged socialists and faithfully keep them tucked real cozy under our charitable wing. That would be our right wing.

Hmm, do you suppose we could find one good socialist in that bad-apple barrel?

John Ball

Green Valley

Willing to wait for paper to get sports scores

Re: the Feb. 2 editorial “Here’s how to find late sports scores in the Star.”

I cannot agree with John D’Orlando or Jill Jorden Spitz’s solution on how to get the late scores. Most people don’t have a laptop or smartphone to look this up on.

The first thing I look at when I get the paper is the sports section. How disappointing that we don’t get complete West Coast scores like we used to. I for one am willing to give up two hours later delivery for this.

Paul Andruczk

East side

The right Democrat to beat Trump

Like many others, I am concerned about whether the Democrats will put forth a candidate who can defeat Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election and avoid four more years of horror.

There is one man who could certainly do that and in whom we could have complete confidence.

He is knowledgeable, smart, and a great speaker. He has been before us prominently for several weeks. He knows well all of Trump’s flaws, weaknesses, and criminal behavior. He is completely familiar with Trump’s solipsistic, narcissistic, sociopathic, totalitarian, egotistical, and cruel qualities and characteristics. I can think of no better person to stand up to Trump forcefully and successfully and be inaugurated as the next president of the United States.

His name? Adam Schiff.

Jeffrey Dean

Northwest side

Sports scores

must be in print

Re: the Feb. 2 editorial “Here’s how to find late sports scores in the Star.”

Your column about finding sports scores seems to be self serving. You tell people to look in the e-edition. If I wanted to use the e-edition, I wouldn’t subscribe to the paper edition. I want my sports scores in my hands to look at my leisure.

The paper seems to get the men’s scores of late games in the print edition a lot more often than the women’s scores. If you took a poll of the fans of the women’s basketball and softball teams, you’d find many loyal and rabid fans.

On another point, I would like to know who the person is with their head in the clouds that scheduled a bike race on the same day as a women’s basketball game. It made it very hard to get to the game. I don’t think this would happen on a day with a men’s game.

Harry Whitney


Voting booth is where we make things right

Words, words, words! Listening to the closing arguments of the impeachment trial, I despair at the failure to persuade people to see what’s right before their eyes and to do the right thing. To be perfectly honest, every one of us “listening” today, Democrat and Republican, knows well the person we are dealing with. Donald Trump lives in his own narcissistic world.

If anyone by now hasn’t looked up the definition of a narcissist, it’s a spot-on description of our president. As leader of our nation, he operates exactly as he has in business and that is to lie, use, bully and obstruct. He’s driving this country off the cliff, laughing all the way. It looks like the voting booth is now our only defense. Are we listening?

Marie MacMonagle

West side

La Placita garage has made a mess of things

The La Placita parking garage was a nightmare to opera goers this weekend as they sought to exit the structure. The new line to pay the $6 fee on the one machine was approximately 20 minutes and then the vehicle exit line from the fourth level was stagnant for a half hour.

It used to be you would just give them $5 upon entering and they could leave the gates open when the exit surge began. Like so much in America, it appears to no longer work at any level, from airport toilets and voting in Iowa, to setting up safety barricades for 10 days on Broadway (while an entire hospital is constructed in China in 10 days).

Rob Seger


Tucson’s roads are some of the world’s worst

I’ve been all over the world and am currently in Mexico. Tucson very well may have the worst roads in the world. What’s even worse is that the people in charge of road maintenance came through once and patched about half of them and left a bunch of 6 to 8 inch deep ones right next to the patched ones, untouched.

Seriously? This is crazy — and I drive an SUV. I can’t even imagine what slamming into one of those in a passenger car would be like.

Terry Tomich

West side

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