Democratic candidates focus on climate change in town halls

Sen. Bernie Sanders, shown Tuesday in New Hampshire, said Wednesday that his $16 trillion climate change plan is a necessary response to scientists who call for sharp cuts in carbon emissions.

Great care,

if you can afford it

Europe has higher taxes and covers their populations with health care. In this capitalist country, we build huge corporations between the patient, doctor and hospitals. Those huge corporations have shareholders and lobbyists to do their jobs to Make American Great Again. As long as we have for-profit businesses between the patient and health care, those that can afford will live and those who can’t will die! What a great country we live in.

Roger Engels

Northwest side

‘Medicare for All’ doable; look at what we pay now

Once again a Republican leader, David Eppihimer, misleads citizens with deceptive claims. Americans are already paying the cost for “Medicare for All.” It simply goes to insurance companies directly from people’s pockets or as a benefit by employers. My insurance costs roughly $700 a month. If instead I had to pay $500 a month in tax and had the same benefits, I would save $200.

As a small-business person, I believe most employers would rather pay additional wages wiping their hands clean of dealing with insurance companies. My insurance company, Blue Cross, requires an additional $2,500 per year out of pocket before I receive most policy benefits. They also decide what physicians and treatments they will pay. Rationing already exists.

We live in a country where the wealthiest corporations pay little or no tax and the Pentagon spends over a trillion dollars for F-35 fighter jets. Yes, we can afford universal health care.

Kalvin Smith


An open letter

to Republicans

Dear Republicans:

I’m truly sorry you’ve lost your party; I’m sad for the nation. You’ve said you value fiscal responsibility. You bludgeoned Barack Obama for ballooning deficits and the national debt when stopping the Great Recession. What about Donald Trump’s increases?

Once you believed lying was an impeachable offense. You valued honor and truth. You then elect a leader with neither. Once you faced challenges, now you deny climate change. Once you protected the environment. Now you reverse course.

You once valued compassionate conservatism. Now you lead with fear and hatred. You believed in states and private-property rights. Obviously no more. Trump told aides to break the law. He’d pardon them for taking private lands and ignoring remaining environmental laws. And valuing constitutional process? Sen. Mitch McConnell ignores nations interfering in our elections. He blocks protections from madmen.

Does GOP stand for Greed over People? Have you lost your way to grab power? Still proud of the Republican Party? What does it stand for?

Nancy Jacques

Northeast side

Studies conclude climate change is real

Re: the August 31 letter “Left has no facts on climate debate.”

A recent writer to the Star stated the “left” has no facts to support concerns over global warming. I suggest everyone who believes there is a lack of evidence to support the existential threat we face simply Google “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

They will find numerous reports drawn from worldwide studies providing all the facts any rational person would need to understand this threat. It is clearly time for naysayers to pull their heads out of the sand.

Lance Erie


Hurtling toward

a climate catastrophe

Re: the August 31 letter “Left has no facts on climate debate.”

Facts are neither left nor right; they are observably present. Television celebrity Bill Nye has a very nice YouTube video called “Climate Change 101” that will explain the properties of gases in earth’s atmosphere to you.

Scientists have understood that industrial emissions of carbon dioxide will increase earth’s temperature since the 1860s. Today’s scientists routinely report their observations of the effects of carbon dioxide pollution on our earth. The most recent decade has been the hottest in recorded history and we are well on our way to the 2 degrees Celsius of warming predicted decades ago.

In fact, due to lack of initiative on combating global warming, what we’re calling it nowadays is a climate catastrophe. There won’t be a debate, just a lot of really bad outcomes.

Cynthia Duncan


Bad businessman, disgraceful president

Re: the September 1 letter “Trump loves America, knows how to negotiate.”

The writer praises the president for his abilities as a negotiator and businessman. She neglects to mention the number of times his casinos (are you kidding, casino’s going bankrupt?) stiffing a lot of suppliers and vendors or his phony real estate school reimbursing “students” $25 million because of fraud.

No mention of moving our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to placate the Israelis without any concession from them to achieve peace.

No mention of his wanting to bring his buddy Vladimir Putin back to the G-7, who was expelled for his annexing Crimea with no demands. His skipping out of the G-7 meeting on climate control because he knows more than anybody but doesn’t share his wisdom, right!

Only thing he does worse than being a bad businessman-negotiator is being a disgraceful president.

Dave Glicksman



a thing of beauty

I was so looking forward to watching the Naomi Osaka vs. Coco Gauff match for the actual tennis! I was totally blown away by the compassion and sportsmanship displayed by both of these young ladies at the end of their match. Big Kudos to Osaka ... what a classy thing to do after a blowout win to console and mentor an amazing 15-year-old player in Coco! I will not remember the 6-3, 6-0 score years from now ... but I will remember the class act that Osaka, who is just only 21 years old herself, was on this day! Great job being role models ladies, and showing great sportsmanship, or should it be “sportswomanship?”

Steven Stewart

West side

America can’t take four more

Four more years of Trump and Republican control of the Senate and many states will lead and/or continue the following: the potential repeal of the ACA without actually seeing a detailed health-care plan from the Republicans.

Rather than finding ways to make it easier for all to vote, especially people of color, the effort to decrease voter participation will continue. Rather than approving common-sense gun laws, hollow words will continue to be used in response to mass shootings.

Do the Republicans really believe in, or are they even interested in, uniting the country? Funny, but their leaders have shown very little interest in actually doing so. Remember the “promise” that Mexico would pay for the border wall? How is that negotiation working out so far?

Republican-controlled states have made it more difficult for citizens to get initiatives to the ballot. What happened to government of, by, and for the people?

I suppose this is what is meant by “Trump Loves America.”

Craig Whaley

Northwest side

Joe Biden’s many gaffes, lies or mental disorder?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made so many gaffes recently that its hard to keep track of them. His latest big whopper was a very emotional reciting of a trip to the Konar Province of Afghanistan as Vice President to award a medal to a heroic Navy Captain.

Biden said about the danger warnings he received about going there, “we can lose a vice president, we can’t lose many more of these kids.” He continued, “This is the God’s truth, my word as a Biden.” But it was all false!

He never visited Afghanistan as Vice President. Was Biden lying or does he have some mental disorder? This gaffe or lie by Biden is just one in a long line of them. Most Democrats and the news media brush them off as “Joe just being Joe,” but it is past time to question Biden’s truthfulness and his mental state. When Trump misstates or flubs something, he is labeled a liar or mentally unstable, but not for “Joe.”

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

Mass shootings more common

The places change, the numbers of deaths change but the choice of weapons remains the same. The notion now embedded in most Americans is that any group of people anywhere could be killed by a random stranger. The numbers of death are comparatively small to the overall gun deaths.

The impact, however, is widespread. The intention of a terrorist is to have this national impact. According to the Los Angles Times, “over the last 50 years, 20% of the 164 mass murder cases occurred in the last five years. More than half of the shootings have occurred since 2000 and 33% since 2010. The deadliest years yet are 2017 and 2018, and this year is shaping up to rival them, with at least 60 killed in mass shootings, 38 of them in the last five weeks.” The mass murders in Odessa Texas have not been added to this total.

If elected officials do nothing they are complicit in the mass murders to come.

Daniel McDonnell


Deny mass killers coverage

Why do we continue to reward mass killers by putting their names and photos in every newspaper and on every TV in the country? Haven’t we realized that many of these disturbed, angry and lonely people are desperate to be noticed, and see mass murder is a way to end their troubled lives in a blaze of national notoriety?

We all know that behavior that is reinforced tends to be repeated. Why then are we surprised when mass killings come in clusters and beget more mass killings? Do we really need to know the names of the killers and see their photos? Is our curiosity really so morbid that we’re willing to encourage more deaths by satisfying our need to see what these people look like and know who they are?

Limit the reporting to the events but please don’t give the killers the notoriety they seek!

Ron Andrea


Trump manipulates markets

I know that Sen. Martha McSally, Rep. Tom O’Halleran and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema have heard of insider-trading that cheats the system to get rich.

I think they also know that Donald Trump has to be making his friends and family rich by letting them know beforehand, each time he proclaims some news about China and the trade war. One day he tweets that China is refusing to talk about trade war issues. Then days later he proclaims they’re coming back to the table and things look promising.

Every time he does that the stock market reacts accordingly — making huge swings. It is so easy for Trump to alert his people prior so they can buy/sell accordingly. Each time they buy low and sell high they make huge profits.

I think we would be very naive to think Trump wouldn’t stoop so low.

I know he loves feeling his power when the market reacts to things he says, accurate or not. My elected officials must watch him!

Duane Richards