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Letters to the Editor

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“Now, they say I’m immune, I feel so powerful I’ll walk into that audience … I’ll kiss everyone in that audience.” President Trump said at a rally at the Orlando Sanford International Airport on Monday in Sanford, Florida.

Trump, taxes and naïve thinking

As the First Businessman, President Trump is a trailblazer. Since introduction of the personal income tax, all prior presidents have been lifetime salaried employees with simple tax calculations.

Personal taxes of business owners don’t show actual tax contributions. Those amounts are “buried” in various places on the tax forms.

To figure the actual taxes paid by his business at all levels, detail those tax forms and find out how much was paid in property taxes, to employees as FICA and employee’s income taxes sent forward. Those are deductible as expenses of doing business, just the same as rent, heating and lighting.

There were times I paid no personal taxes, and once was even eligible for a property tax rebatement on my home. The naïve NYT reporters seem to think that only a personal check to the government counts as taxes paid.

Charles H. Josephson


Lament of a loser and a sucker

I lament that I’m a loser and sucker, per Donald Trump. I’ve only been a working man for 67 years. I’m an Air Force veteran.

I paid much more than $750 in taxes for 50 of those 67 working years. I lament that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and didn’t have to do an honest day’s work in my life. I wish that I could only think of “what’s in it for me” and have the opportunity to insult, bully and push people around.

Gosh, wouldn’t that be swell? I wonder how many of the losers and suckers like me are going to vote for that real “winner” now occupying the people’s house? By Nov. 3, 4 or 5 we will know and know what America really is.

Dennis Winsten

Northeast side

McSally doesn’t want to hear from voters

As an American, I take seriously my responsibility to inform my senators of my views so they can vote in my interest. I try to call daily. I notice that Sen. Martha McSally no longer allows callers to easily leave a message.

Now, when I call, I have to wait to the end of a long message before the beep sounds and I can inform her of my views. This indicates she does not care what I think or I would be able to press a number to leave a message. We all know she cares what President Trump thinks, though.

She is wrong for Arizona. Vote for Mark Kelly.

Jan-Ruth Mills

Sierra Vista

Daily Star is fair in coverage

The Daily Star is consistently beleaguered with complaints from the right for being supportive of the liberals. In the Sunday paper, a poll was published showing the numbers for the upcoming election.

Polls show a clear advantage for the Dems in a big way, while a 2-to-1 margin exists for most races, the Sheriff race favors Napier. Can you imagine that result in a dominant red county? The fact that the Star endorsed a GOP candidate in more than one race is telling of their fairness.

The fact is that the GOP is losing members. It is not surprising, in that a party that espouses as much vitriol and hatred toward those who do not share their opinions will weaken and fade away. We are Americans before belonging to any party.

The liberals are often called haters, but it is projection. I again cite the poll which shows the liberals indicating a better candidate in the Pima County Sheriff race. Would the right do that in this time?

Jeff Rayner


Dems will be held accountable

For over two years, we had a fabricated, baseless “Russia collusion” investigation going on into candidate Donald Trump, then as president. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of federal prosecutors was stacked with partisan Democrats like Andrew Weissmann, who destroyed people’s lives in a highly publicized Enron case. The House of Representatives conducted a parallel investigation.

Despicable characters like Democrat Adam Schiff often appeared before the news media cameras claiming having seen plenty of evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. All lies. The House investigation concluded there was no collusion.

Then came the Democratic, partisan impeachment of President Trump by Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives, spearheaded by Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Democrats in the House had wanted to impeach Trump since day one. Democrats, and their news media allies, refused to accept Trump as a duly elected president and sought to subvert and sabotage him 24/7 for four years.

Democrats need to be held accountable for what they have egregiously and maliciously done to President Trump.

Doug Lawrence


If Trump is ‘pro-life,’ get me away from him

First, for years, Donald Trump was a “pro-abortion rights” Democrat, then independent, before deciding to run for U.S. president on the Republican ticket. Second, Trump has a strange and unusual connection to Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, former KGB officer and now, seemingly, dictator for life.

U.S. intelligence has found credible evidence that Putin has established sizable bounties for insurgents to kill American soldiers in certain conflicts abroad. Trump won’t even mention this to Putin, dismissing it as “fake news.”

Third, lying constantly about COVID-19, a worldwide killer virus, through all of 2020, Trump is now responsible for tens of thousands of horrible and unnecessary deaths in America and counting.

Is this behavior what we call “pro-life?”

Peggy Stephens


Who is really packing the court?

Conservative voices are calling out liberal candidates for failure to declare a stance on so-called court packing. However, with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, conservatives are the ones trying to pack the court and cement what they think will be an unstoppable conservative majority. Courts should be in balance, free or at least distanced from partisan politics and party influence.

Given our two-party system, legislators have the discretion to exercise powers at their disposal to either correct or exacerbate imbalances that result from partisan power grabs. Under the current circumstances, a more tempered approach may have been a better play. Barrett’s nomination, if approved, will unquestionably tilt the highest court in the land, and conservatives may come to regret it.

Opposing forces will have options when the opportunity arises, and they will surely consider their choices carefully when that time comes.

Bruce Fulton

West side

Trump did all he could with COVID-19

COVID-19 originated in China and then it spread throughout the world. On Jan.31, with only a handful of reported cases in America, President Trump banned travel from China. Joe Biden opposed it.

The Trump administration declared a Public Health Emergency and established the White House COVID-19 Task Force. As of Feb. 28, there were 64 confirmed cases in America. The CDC’s COVID-19 initial testing kits had problems.

Nancy Pelosi was encouraging people to come to San Francisco’s Chinat own. On March 13, Trump declared a national emergency. He then shuttered the economy for almost two months on “experts” projections of millions dead.

He implemented the Defense Production Act to have private industry manufacture thousands of ventilators and millions of PPEs. He got trillions in COVID-19 relief to small businesses and individuals, pressured insurers to waive co-payments, accelerated therapeutics, implemented the historic Warp Speed vaccine program and over 124,527,000 tests for COVID-19 have been done.

We have states’ rights under the Constitution and states determine their own COVID-19 measures.

Paula Martin


Fool me twice, and Trump’s election is on you

A recent letter writer shared his displeasure with Fitz’s cartoons, finding them insulting to the president. I wonder if he also finds the president’s frequent nasty insults he hurls at anyone he dislikes or that doesn’t agree with him offensive? Or is that OK?

It is way past time to bring common decency and integrity back to the White House. We’ve had enough of rudeness, bullying, nastiness, ineptitude, total chaos and disregard for the rule of law and the norms of our democracy. I’ve voted for decency.

If the country wants more of reality TV “governing,” and the continuation of the dangerous dismantling of our democracy by electing the current clown yet again, the saying “people get the government they deserve” will come into play. One time, a sad and devastating mistake. Twice — incomprehensible and quite possibly the end of our democracy.

Deb Klumpp

Oro Valley

Global economy needs our help, senators

When viewed through an economic perspective, the consequences of COVID-19 at a global level have a catastrophic effect in the United States. According to the Borgen Project, 95% of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S. and many of the fastest-growing economies are in the developing world, much of which has been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Now more than ever, investing in foreign aid is crucial to combating extreme poverty and consequently avoiding foreign conflict.

Global action is needed to tackle the coronavirus in the next emergency supplemental for the International Affairs Budget. I urge Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally to support at least $20 billion in emergency global funding for COVID-19 in the next relief package.

This funding is essential to U.S. leadership in combating the pandemic globally and to protecting the health, security, and economic interests of all Americans.

Anakaren Maldonado


Election accountability up to legislators

If you share my concern that the Trump administration may not acknowledge the results of this coming election or leave office if they lose, one thing we can do is to ask our elected officials, especially our representatives and senators, to publicly declare that they will support the results of the presidential election.

Tim Wernette


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