E-scooters in Tucson

Around 60% of e-scooter riders have taken trips in the downtown area, including Fourth Avenue, TDOT’s Andy Bemis said. Most others were spotted in the midtown area.

Senate resorts

to obstruction

Re: the Nov. 15 letter “D.C. needs to get on with governing.”

This letter is factually incorrect.

The House of Representatives has passed numerous bills that would lower prescription drug prices, protect pre-existing conditions, fund infrastructure projects along with improving conditions for veterans. The vast majority of these bills now languish on Mitch McConnell’s desk who refuses to have them come up for a vote or even a debate.

It’s Sen. McConnell’s lack of action and intransigence on House passed bills that are thwarting measures that could improve the lives of our citizens. The House is demonstrating it can walk and chew gum at the same time, while the Senate is run by the Grim Reaper, a name Mitch McConnell himself endorsed.

The impeachment proceedings have nothing to do with nothing being done in Washington.

Todd Smyth

Green Valley

Impeachment is defense of American values

It has often been observed that what binds the diverse people of the United States together are our shared values. The ultimate, unifying value of the American experiment is support and defense of the Constitution. The president, members of Congress, officers and enlisted members of the armed forces, and new citizens all take an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

When a president places personal interests (asking a foreign government to investigate his main political rival) above his constitutional oath (by withholding military aid from our ally thereby jeopardizing our national security) he must be held accountable.

No one is above the law and the Founders wisely included impeachment, conviction, and removal from office as a remedy against conduct that violates a president’s oath of office. The Founders gave us, “A republic, if we can keep it.” This is our time to be faithful to the Founders and the Constitution they gave us.

Robert Phelps Jones

North side

Enforce prohibition

on posting handbills

Driving along Alvernon yesterday I was struck by the dozens of handmade signs, four or more per intersection, attached to utility poles and city property.

For some time, I have been taking down the “we buy junk cars” and “diabetic strip buyer” signs.

Now the “we buy houses” signs are multiplying citywide.

I have probably removed at least a couple hundred in the past few months.

According to Tucson ordinance Sec. 16-36, the posting of handbills is prohibited.

The signs have phone numbers to contact. Why are Tucson officials not shutting down and fining these outfits?

Robert Enyeart

North side

Impeachment hearings are for gathering facts

Re: the Nov. 15 letter “Monumental scam plays out before us.”

The letter writer decries the lack of “due process” in the impeachment hearings. Let me say this: The impeachment hearings are not a trial. The hearings are analogous to a prosecutor’s office determining whether there is sufficient evidence of a crime to warrant bringing charges against someone.

Once that determination is made, and Articles of Impeachment are presented, then the case goes to trial in the Senate.

The president will have his chance for cross-examination, evidence review, and so on, if and when the Senate takes up any Articles of Impeachment filed by the House. Until then, everything in the House is pretrial fact-finding to determine whether Articles of Impeachment are warranted.

Read the Constitution. It’s right there.

David Peterson