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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Is it time for a re-think of the Supreme Court

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The U.S. Supreme Court is seen as arguments are heard about the Affordable Care Act Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Pathetic reaction

from GOP leadership

Is there anything more pathetic than watching the president of the United States throw a temper tantrum and refuse to accept that he lost the election? Yes! Watching seasoned Republican leadership coddle this behavior and cower at the thought of speaking the truth. If democracy fails, we know where to ascribe blame.

Sherri Schamel

Northwest side

Trump besmirches our reputation

While our country drowns in new cases of COVID-19, the emperor, Donald Trump, has officially stopped working.

He delegitimizes our democracy with his post-election “fake” news, declaring that he won reelection and that the election was a fraud. He should be removed from office immediately.

Take all of the Republicans who support his nonsensical, dictatorlike behavior with him. We are now a laughingstock and no longer a beacon of light for fledgling democracies around the world.

We have become the banana republic Trump so despises. It’s time for them all to go now.

Terri Hicks

Northwest side

Supreme Court

needs code of ethics

President Trump’s unprecedented rush, culminating in confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the bench just two week’s before Election Day, is the latest manifestation of an unholy tradition of “stacking the court” in favor of the party in power.

As envisioned by our Founding Fathers, the purpose of the Supreme Court was to provide a fair and unbiased venue for trying cases of grave national importance.

We desperately need to ensure that our nation’s highest court functions as it was intended. I strongly urge the legal and judiciary professions to create a “Code of Ethics Task Force.” This bipartisan panel of highly reputable justices would draft and promulgate a code of ethics to guide Supreme Court justices in approaching each and every case with the utmost level of honor and integrity, in order to render a fair and unbiased verdict.

John Newport, Ph.D.

Northwest side

COVID isn’t

going away

Donald Trump shouted before the election that COVID-19 would be out of the news by Nov. 4. It was all about him, again, like some kind of conspiracy to make him look bad. COVID is not out of the news, and it’s getting much worse.

Now that Trump isn’t spouting daily lies about the seriousness of the pandemic, hopefully more Americans will wake up to reality and quit making simple, helpful solutions a political issue.

Arthur Rogers

Northeast side

Stop the squeal

and move on

Please, those of you in the GOP who refuse to accept the election results, let the nation move on. The election has been determined to be one of the most safe and secure in history. The continuing legislative and legal challenges are using resources at the local, state and national levels that could be better utilized to address the severe challenges our nation is facing. The Democrats have accepted the fact that Republicans won seats in the Senate and House of Representatives that were way off what the pollsters had projected.

They are moving on. Complaints about the election being rigged or run incorrectly are baseless and dangerous. Stop putting lives and the security of our country at risk by delaying the inevitable transfer of the office of president and the next administration.

Dianne Lethaby

East side

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