President deserves

a childish nickname

As the presidential campaign heats up, we shall have to endure Trump’s juvenile nicknames for his opponents. It’s only fair that he should have some nicknames, too. I suggest “Recession Donnie,” since his foolish trade wars and unwise economic policies seem to be driving the economy into recession. “Flip-Flop Don” also fits due to his predictable surrender to the NRA on background checks and other sane measures, after he first spoke out for tougher gun laws and rules.

I wonder: When did civility, politeness, courtesy and respect for another person’s humanity become “political correctness?”

Ronald Pelech


How about tuition break

for grads and seniors?

I applaud the decision by the Arizona Board of Regents to assist DACA students. They are a critical link in the multiethnic future of our society. However, as a UA grad and senior I must admit to a little peeve that, unlike many other universities, the UA has no special tuition rates for graduates, alumni and seniors. We have something to contribute as well, despite our dotage, and increasing our educational skills is important for society as well.

Stephen Golding

Northeast side

Weapons of war

aren’t for civilians

As a former Marine and Vietnam veteran I support firearm ownership by responsible citizens. However, firearms are one thing, weapons of war are another. Assault rifles are just that — weapons designed for military assault on enemy-held positions, or to defend military positions from assault. These tools of war should not be in the hands of civilians. This is not a hard concept to understand. Yet our politicians seem immune from common sense.

Carl Foster

Green Valley

Border wall breaks trust with future generations

For most of us who live near the border, the border wall is one of the least effective ways of dealing with our immigration problems. But when this wall creeps into one of the units of the National Park System, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, it deserves a critical look.

One of the attributes of the park system I admire above all others is that each generation of Americans gets to add the places to the system they believe merit protection in perpetuity. It happened first in Yellowstone, in 1872. As a matter of generational equity, we owe each of these sites the highest standards of protection.

This standard is grossly violated by the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. The construction scars on this fragile desert environment will last forever. It breaks the century-long tradition of keeping our parks sacrosanct. Moreover, it tells everyone south of the border that they are not welcome. Maybe that’s what Stephen Miller thinks; it’s not what I think.

Rick Smith


Send a message

to recycling offenders

In regards to the ongoing recycling offenders who are causing contaminated loads of recycling, I have a suggestion for Waste Management.

Instead of picking up the blue bins that have plastic bags sticking out filled with garbage or worse, bicycle tires, yard clippings, clothes, etc, why not just leave the bin with a big note on top with the offending articles checked off on a printed list? Maybe then the repeat offenders will finally get the message.

Marsha Ubick


Red-flag laws head off crises before they begin

Sunday before last in Tucson, I attended a “Recess Rally” to ask our lawmakers to return to work and pass gun legislation after the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. One hundred deaths, and twice as many injuries daily, occur nationwide. No one is immune. It happened to me three times.

Perpetrators exhibit warning predictors that they pose risk 51% of the time. Gun suicides account for 61 deaths a day. It’s cause to act. Red-flag laws would allow families and law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily suspend access to guns if there are clear signs a person poses serious risk of harm to themselves or others. Red-flag laws allow the opportunity to intervene with a loved one prior to a crisis.

Red-flag laws work. Five states have them, 18 more introduced them. Congress must act to implement laws before warning signs become tragedies. Please. Make your voices heard. Thoughts and prayers aren’t working.

Kelley Ireland

North side

Story about parched Southwest did the trick

A front-page story in the Daily Star laments about the lack of monsoon rain this August. Not eight hours later, my parched landscape was being drenched with H2O.

So here’s an idea, ignore the unscientific weather service. We should wash our cars every day and the Star should reprint this story daily.

We’ll be speed-boating down Speedway within a week.

Jeffrey McConnell

West side