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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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President fans

flames of civil war

Our country is moving toward civil war, engineered by Donald Trump for his reelection. Armed militias of the Trump cult are embedding themselves into peaceful protests against endemic racism. Trump is encouraging these naive Americans into instruments of repression and terror.

Trump shows no concern for the COVID deaths of 185,000+ Americans, the unjust murders of Black Americans, or for those who suffer from lack of food, clean water, medical care, or housing. Instead, he bellows about protesters and supports vigilante murder. I’ve often wondered how the good citizens of Germany allowed Hitler to turn a nation of decent people into murderers of fellow citizens.

It is a day of reckoning. German intellectuals left their country in the 1930s. We might be faced with a similar decision in November 2020.

Cheryl Lockhart

Northwest side

3 ACC hopefuls support access to clean energy

We are running out of time to effectively combat the ever-worsening effects of carbon emissions in our state. Only three candidates for Corporation Commissioner support clean energy: Bill Mundell, Shea Stanfield, and Anna Tovar. Why is it in every Arizonans best interest to elect them?

Carbon emissions continue to pollute our air, jeopardizing our health. Air pollution continues to destroy our protective ozone layer, causing extreme heat and severe weather events that endanger our safety. The worst mega-droughts on record continue to dwindle our water supply, damaging our crops and imperiling lives. High heat combined with severe drought continue to cause massive wildfires, destroying our forested lands, threatening our homes, and further degrading our air quality.

Our environment, our health, and our safety will continue to deteriorate unless we elect candidates Mundell, Stanfield and Tovar, who support access to clean energy throughout our state.

Jacolyn Marshall

Oro Valley

Trump surrounds

himself with criminals

The president is eager to cast himself as the law-and-order candidate. Which is ... rich. His former campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, lawyer, political adviser and a foreign-policy adviser are felons — and his former strategist, Steven Bannon, was just indicted. Never mind his “charity” broke the law. Never mind his “university” swindled its students. The president himself actively wants foreign governments to help him win the election, which is illegal, and his administration violated the Hatch Act by using the White House as a political prop. He is surrounded by criminals and acts like one, too. If President Obama or popular-vote-winning Hillary Clinton had just one of these marks against them, my, my, what would Tucker Carlson and the GOP say?

Christopher Cokinos


Scott for District 1 county supervisor

A good leader has the ability to listen, develop relationships, respect others and understand the importance of working as part of a team. Rex Scott, who is running for county supervisor for District 1, has all of these characteristics and more. I first met Rex when he began working as an assistant principal at my daughters’ high school more than 15 years ago. As a volunteer at the school, I watched Rex work with us to address concerns, solve problems, and treat us with respect. He was very visible on campus and was able to develop relationships with all “stakeholders” (parents, community members, the staff and students). I am confident Rex will serve District 1 well. Rex Scott definitely has my vote.

Donna Winetrobe

Oro Valley

Thought I was

a patriot, not a loser

I’ve always considered myself a patriot, but now I find out that I’m a loser. In 1963 I enlisted in the Army Reserves. When the Vietnam War became a horrendous atrocity, as much as I disagreed with our arrogant presence I never once thought about deserting or faking an injury.

I have paid my taxes without cheating or using dubious ways to avoid taxes. Donating money and time to those less fortunate than I has been a constant in my life. A sucker? I think not.

These are a few of the simple principles of integrity I learned from my father. During WWII, he was drafted into the U.S. Navy at the age of 35. He was married and had two children under the age of 4. He served his country when he could have ducked the draft, but he did not. He paid his taxes and was a charitable man. He was a patriot and man of principle.

Sadly, our president is neither.

Richard McGann


Trump denied what was in front of him

It’s true the COVID-19 virus originated in China and that Chinese politicians initially covered up the problem. That doesn’t explain the wide disparity in the spread/impact of the virus in different countries. The U.S. leads the world in the number of cases and deaths attributed to this pandemic. Trump blames China but acts like the Chinese politicians, initially claiming the virus was a hoax. Instead of focusing on PPE equipment, endorsing masks, and developing solid testing programs, we wasted time on hope (“magically disappear”), false cures (hydroxychloroquine, ingesting bleach) and prematurely declaring success.

Trump claimed a good businessman was preferable to a politician, because they identify problems and lead the work necessary to solve them. Unfortunately, Trump is not a good businessman, but the ultimate politician. He’s more concerned with blaming others and avoiding responsibility, than leading the hard work it will take to actually defeat this virus. If 185,000+ dead is success, I’d hate to see what failure looks like.

Bert Veenstra

Oro Valley

Still time to rethink your vote for Trump

Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt’s names consistently appear at the head of a lofty list of commendable presidential characteristics including being president to all. Fast-forward to our November 2020 election. Of the two candidates of our Nov. 3election, which one could very well be part of this elite group of three? If you believe Trump is the one, this is one last attempt to have you reconsider your vote.

Do you believe Trump: has been presidential equal to Lincoln, Washington, and Roosevelt?; has been truthful and honest in conducting all of his presidential duties?; has had the back of America’s troops as commander in chief, including those that may have been injured, captured, or killed?

Your “yes” answer to all three proves you a true Trumper for the correct answer to each is “no.” Should Trump regrettably win a second term, you, too, will regret your vote as our America slips further into the abyss.

Cathy Langione


Don’t defund;

redesign our police

For decades, we the people have defunded mental health in our country. Our own police and sheriff’s departments have declared their jails and prisons, full of mental-health issues. So, let’s adapt our present state into a future state redesign of our law enforcement to meet our present and future challenges. Our 911 calls need to be allocated into three notices: criminal, mental health, and mental health with law enforcement backup.

Our department structures need to be designed with mental-health professionals embedded within the departments and assist those calls. Until and unless we adapt to our present reality, police will be called to social issues that they are not prepared to deal with. Putting a hood over the head of a naked man in a cold winter and snowy night does not solve the mental-health issues of modern America. We can do better. Adapt!

Roger Engels

Oro Valley

Duty, honor aren’t

in Trump’s DNA

As a former member of the military with 20 years of service, I would like comment on Mr. Trump’s remarks concerning military service. Fortunately, I was never in combat or I might be one of those “suckers and losers” that the president coldheartedly referred to. I agree with Mr. Trump when he said to Gen. Kelly, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” No you don’t get it and you never will. Maybe you should have asked John McCain how he survived five years at the exclusive and posh Hanoi Hilton. I’m sure the senator could have enlightened you. For those of us who put on the uniform, it is called duty, honor, country. You will never understand, it is not in your DNA. One can only hope that those dastardly bone spurs are not raising havoc with your golf game.

Fred DiNoto

Northwest side

Encounters with police increasingly irritating

It is clear that there is a growing divide between citizens and those sworn to protect them, the police. As I enter my Medicare years and as a middle-class white person I am dismayed at the number of my contemporaries who have a growing dislike of the police. Even during the tumultuous early ’70s, because of my upbringing, I had respect for the police. Now I have doubts.

My recent encounters with police have been very uncomfortable. I have found the officers aggressive and disrespectful. It seems like there is a handcuff-first and determine-innocence-later policy. I don’t understand why many police are so supportive of the gun culture we have and at the same time seem so fearful of the public. I know, having grown up around guns, that many people who identify with the militia movements see police as their enemy.

Kalvin Smith


No wonder there’s

a teacher shortage

I am 90 years old and have never written anything before in my life, let alone an article to a newspaper. This is just something that has me unnerved. On Monday one of my favorite golfers won a tournament. He won $15 million. Fifteen million! Isn’t that ludicrous? Our children can’t get a decent education and all of these football, basketball etc. players are getting unbelievable amounts of money. Why would any college student choose to go into teaching? They have years of debt to pay off and no good money to look forward to. Plus they’d have to teach these children whose parents have been too lazy to discipline their own children. If you want a cause to fight for how about “children’s lives matter!”

Marianne Wheeler

Oro Valley

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