Trump loves America,

knows how to negotiate

Just want to say, if we get a socialist democratic president, which I don’t think that will happen, be assured that you will have lost the freedom to choose your own physician, taxes will rise, especially if you are rich, Medicare will be given to ALL people, citizens or not. No wall for the southern borders to have less control of our country. Military will lose its finances to keep us a strong nation. We might even lose favor with our Allies as well as our enemies.

President Trump is a former businessman who knows how to negotiate, loves America and says God bless America and you!

May I add, it seems we will get a Democratic mayor in Tucson, and we might become a sanctuary city, which could eat up more of our revenue for citizens. You have to see what President Trump has and will do for America, setting aside his Twitter frenzy. I for one appreciate those tweets because I know what is on his mind. He is a true New Yorker.

Joan Brown


Socialism, capitalism equal Americanism

It’s not a matter of choice. Both are needed. Unless you can find the means to provide the necessary resources to all of America’s social systems (schools, libraries, welfare programs, law enforcement, fire protection, and all the others mentioned recently); a system that creates funding is an absolute. It’s that simple.

Capitalism is an “economic” system. One of the best in the world. It creates the wealth necessary to the functioning of America’s social commitments. Wealth taking the form of taxes.

Socialism by definition is a “social system,” as noted. And we have some of the best in the world. However, nothing included in that system creates wealth, unless it’s controlled by those possessing political power as a mean of production and distribution. And the distribution of that wealth, historically, is limited to members of a ruling class. Socialism plus capitalism equals Americanism. It’s that simple!

Don Weaver


Steller, Fitzsimmons gloss over outside cash

It is no surprise to me that Tim Steller and David Fitzsimmons disregard the fact that each and every vote for Ms. Regina Romero cost $20 of outside money from the Political Action Committee. It’s all about her being a Hispanic female. How can they totally ignore the impact of over half-million dollars on the election, outside money no less? Oh wait, it’s because they like the results, surprise!

Helge Carson

Oro Valley

Arizona cannot afford to lose any water

Water for mining is a factor that needs to be addressed. I tracked down the Arizona statute that gives mining companies the right to pump water that they need even in a “managed” area: (A.R.S.) § 45-514

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has its hands tied even though the Hudbay mining company will withdraw 6,000 acre-feet (water to serve over 6,000 to 9,000 families for a year of clean groundwater) annually from the Active Management Area to be used outside of that area. ADWR does not do assessments of the impact on other wells.

The supply wells that Hudbay will be using were purchased by property companies so that the seller did not know the buyer was a mining company. How these exempt wells in a semi-rural district owned by property companies became mining supply wells is a mystery.

Arizona is in a drought and cannot afford to subsidize water and sacrifice 238,000 trees to a foreign mining company. The time has come to change the law.

Nancy Freeman

Green Valley

Give women a spot

in the sports section

I receive the newspaper every day and enjoy catching up on local, national and international news. One section I’m unable to enjoy as much is the sports section. I grew up playing sports and it was an incredibly important part of my development as a girl.

Unfortunately, reading your sports section, most days I would think women don’t even play sports. I’m astonished at your lack of coverage of girls’ and womens’ sports — local, national and international.

Visibility of women in sports is part of how girls become involved and interested. Sports can be such an integral part of a girl developing a positive sense of power and agency.

There are so many girls and women in the world doing amazing things in sports and getting no recognition for it, which not only affects them, but women looking for people like themselves in the public spotlight.

I hope you’ll keep this in mind as you select stories for the sports section in the future.

Katie Gleason

West side