Regina Romero

Regina Romero, a Democratic candidate for mayor, gives a speech after her primary victory. A letter writer takes issue with another writer who called Tucson voters “insane” for supporting Romero.

Romero leading Tucson? Voters have gone insane

Re: the August 28 article “Romero captures easy victory in Democratic mayoral primary.”

This woman should make us very afraid. Just my opinion. Have you seen who has financed her campaign? I am very, very concerned.

You see where the wonderful Democratic leadership is getting us? It’s a joke, a very bad one. This city is going down the drain so fast you can hear the sucking sound. The city of Tucson should be ashamed. The citizens who vote need to open their eyes, but they just keep asking for more pain. You do know the definition of insanity? Right?

Steve Youngquist


Police response times in Tucson don’t cut it

Re: the August 18 article “Candidates: Faster police response will take money.”

At a family holiday party, as many as seven police officers respond within 20 minutes to a single phone call (not necessarily from a neighbor, anybody driving by can call police) reporting an “unruly gathering.”

The “Red Tag” Brigade group of officers includes two entering from the back alley of the “party” house, three from the front, and two supervisory officers watching. The officers blow past any professional hired security and order the occupants to allow entry.

At that point, officers go through each room, opening each drawer. Locked, private rooms are ordered to be open. Even family event guests are ordered to leave. The entire search can exceed an hour.

Alternately, when our home was robbed, we waited for two hours just to get a response. One officer who looked at the broken window said he couldn’t do anything because the burglar “wore gloves.” The officer left after 10 minutes on the scene. Somewhere, seven or more officers were standing around opening other people’s drawers at a family dinner.

Ron Michaels


Letter on GOP ‘crimes’ stretched the truth

Re: the August 18 letter “Republicans, why vote for ’em?”

A history lesson is in order. Equating the Republican platform of 1956 to the current Democrat party position is absurd. Read the platform. President Reagan did triple federal debt. His spending on defense resulted in ending the cold war and the demise of the USSR.

The last time a federal budget was balanced was in 1995 when Republicans took control of the 104th Congress. Of the national leaders convicted of crimes from 1980 to present, 32 were Republicans, not 120. 29 were Democrats, not one. The current administration has only one charge, Gen. Flynn a registered Democrat.

The previous administration saw six Republicans and five Democrats convicted of crimes.

Crimes have been committed. They should be presented accurately and honestly. To represent one side so flawed and the other virtually innocent is deceitful.

To quote Democrat candidate Joe Biden recently, “we care about truth not facts.”

Mark Kendall


David Yetman is

a Tucson treasure

David Yetman is a Tucson treasure. Since relocating to the area twenty years ago, we have always looked forward to David Yetman’s programs on KUAT.

First, he acquainted us with our new home with “The Desert Speaks.”

His current series “In the Americas” has taught us about many wonderful places in this hemisphere and prompted travel to several destinations.

I think it is time for us to say a big thank you to KUAT and David Yetman for many hours of informative entertaining programming.

Pam Duchaine

Green Valley

The mental health of US is being hurt by Trump

Re: the August 18 article “White evangelicals are choosing bigotry over the gospel.”

Michael Gerson is an op-ed columnist for The Washington Post. Joshua Johnson is a NPR talk show host of the program 1A. Both have revealed that they are suffering from anxiety and depression. It made me realize that I hear similar stories from family and friends. Reading Gerson’s Sunday editorial in the Star (“White evangelicals are choosing bigotry over the gospel”), I felt his umbrage at the hypocrisy of white evangelicals protesting Trump’s mild oath while ignoring his hateful race baiting words and actions.

But then I seriously began to be very concerned for the mental health of Gerson, Johnson, my friends and family who feel intensely the ugliness of the current administration.

I realize that the stress I and others feel about what is happening to our country is having serious consequences for all of us who watch and worry about what is being done to our democracy. My antidote is working to elect progressives.

Margaret Nichols

Oro Valley

Why do Democrats hate white people?

The narrative from Democrats, especially progressives, these days is “white guilt” or “white privilege.” Most Democrat candidates running for president have embraced this. Joe Biden just came out saying he would choose a non-white person as a vice presidential running mate. He has “condemned a white man’s culture.”

So Democrats and their news media allies love to accuse Trump of being a bigot, but ignore their own bigoted attitudes toward white people, blaming them for any ills that America has had since its inception.

They have targeted our founders as a bunch of white privileged men. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “bigot” as “one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.”

Does bigotry not apply now to modern day Democrats, who espouse “white guilt” and “white privilege” — essentially a hate-filled and guilt-laden attitude toward a group of people?

Democrats are hypocrites on this issue when it comes to them and their accusations against Trump!

Ric Hanson

North side