Trump has no integrity, acts like he’s a dictator

Every president in my life since Truman resented the media, but they smiled, gritted their teeth and answered the questions, perhaps fuming and ranting later. Still, they had a modicum of decency regarding dealing with people.

Trump never had to work with others. He never had a boss, was always in charge and the ultimate power, one reason he mostly failed at military school.

He has no idea how to handle the societal of life: listening to others, how to stand, having a conversation, proper eating, not interrupting, treating fellow human beings, humanism, humility, ethics, morals, negotiating.

Being rich is not social status. Trump has no integrity, in reality, no religion, dignity, responsibility or, honor. His supposed wealth does not make him a mensch.

Tump couldn’t negotiate his way onto an elevator going down in a burning building. He doesn’t negotiate, he dictates. Donny’s temper fits show he is snappish, petulant and always irritable.

He doesn’t converse with people, he dictates. Just like a dictator would.

Sheldon Metz

Northeast side

Make the right decision: Support Props 475, 476

I have the great pleasure of serving on the Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board. This November, the district has submitted two ballot questions to the voters, Prop 475 and Prop 476. Prop 475 is the continuation of the successful override that has been in place for 14 years. Prop 476 is a new K-3 override that would provide free all-day kindergarten to all of the students in Amphi. It would also lower class sizes in grades K-3. This would have a tremendous positive impact on the education of the district’s youngest students. Prop 476’s impact on the average home owner in Amphi would be about $43 a year. I encourage voters to support both Prop 475 and Prop 476.

Matt Kopec

Northeast side

Prop 205 supporters should look up facts

Advocates of Prop 205 argue that sanctuary cities have been successful in fighting President Trump’s efforts at withholding federal funding. This is false. Los Angeles lost its funding and sued the federal government. In July the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Trump administration upholding the Justice Department’s right to withhold grants from sanctuary cities. The city of Tucson cannot afford to gamble on costly and time-consuming litigation on top of losing the $11.2 million it receives in federal grants. In contrast to sanctuary cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago, which are in states that have adopted sanctuary status, Tucson is not under the umbrella of state support of sanctuary doctrine. If Prop 205 passes, Tucson would also have to deal with the State of Arizona withholding $126 million of our state shared revenue. Tucson’s case is unique. To allude to cities in situations so different from ours is wrong and puts us at great economic risk.

Humberto Rivera Garcia


Voting ‘no’ on Prop 205 will ensure TPD’s safety

If Prop 205 passes, it will jeopardize our federal partnerships, which are instrumental in solving crimes in Tucson like the Isabel Celis case. The Tucson Police Department made a big break in the Celis case because of collaborative efforts with the FBI.

I am deeply concerned because if this initiative passes and becomes law, it will prohibit any federal law enforcement agency, including the FBI, DEA, ATF and the U.S. Marshals Service from working with TPD.

In July, my friend, TPD Chief Chris Magnus, publicly stated that TPD wouldn’t be able to work with ATF to match ballistic evidence to violent criminals or partner with the FBI to investigate and solve child abduction or murder cases. It is critical that we vote ‘No’ on Prop 205 to safeguard TPD’s partnerships with federal agencies so that they can continue working together to protect us.

Brendan Lyons

Northwest side

Pence shows hypocrisy with Biden comments

In a speech in Scottsdale on Oct. 3, Vice President Mike Pence said that former Vice President Joe Biden should be investigated to determine if he and his family benefited (financially) from his position from deals in Ukraine. He said the American public has a right to know. This from a man whose boss, Cadet Bone Spurs, has violated the U.S. Constitution and the Emoluments Clause every single day of his presidency. Basically the provision he is charging Biden with. Talk about being a hypocrite. Wow!

Pence’s boss won’t release his tax returns, has meetings and phone calls and buries the notes in classified files for no other reason than to prevent the American public from knowing what was said. Trump’s grandparents gave up their Austrian citizenship when they came to America. They tried to regain it and return to Austria, but the emperor said no. What a pity.

Dave Glicksman

Northwest side

I just can’t understand today’s conservatives

I wonder about “today’s conservatives” who still esteem Trump/Pence. What am I not getting? Not understanding?

How many of today’s conservatives want a society where citizens walk around town carrying loaded guns and/or assault rifles; believe Confederate soldiers were honorable, public Confederacy-honoring monuments are acceptable, and slavery/Jim Crow might not have been all that bad; act and vote as though they defend white supremacy; see the despoiling of God’s creation as not that big of deal?

Why are today’s conservatives trying to dilute everything from Brown v. Board of Education to ecology-related regulations?

I’m tempted to conclude that today’s conservatism has been taken over by dubious values, ill-considered world views, and dangerous behaviors. Yes, Trump is uniquely vile in his presentation of these views, but it sure seems like his supporters agree with and even love him for it. Surely there are Americans who cherish greater wisdom and integrity than this.

Ron Rude

West side

Pence’s Green Valley visit just a photo op

Pence’s visit confirms that he is indeed the airhead in person that he appears to be in the media. The shutdown of all but one northerly road access to Green Valley extended a 35 minute trip to Tucson to more than an hour and a half for thousands of residents, travelers and truckers, so Pence could speak and play with construction toys in a place inaccessible to the public and unsuitable for both. A photo op is a poor excuse for such an inconvenience just to stroke political egos.

Larry Klose

Green Valley

Game and Fish should accept will of the people

Thousands of people wrote, spoke and attended Arizona Game and Fish and Governor’s Regulatory Review Council meetings to support banning wildlife killing contests in Arizona. Thanks to them, Arizona was the fourth state to ban the contests. Immediately afterward, AZGF announced they’ll host their own wildlife killing contests. Not only is this cognitive dissonance, it’s disrespectful of majority rule and wildlife.

We are living in the sixth mass extinction and it was recently revealed our world has lost three billion birds since 1970, and there is an imbalance of 96% humans and 4% wildlife.

It’s time for AZGF to represent the majority and stop selling our wildlife to hunters. The EPA banned lead in paint and gasoline, yet hunters continue to use lead bullets, a toxin that may lead to a slow, painful death.

Embracing an opportunity and a paradigm shift, AZGF could be leaders in education, habitat and wildlife protections. Our world needs compassion and empathy — there is no love in bullets.

Robin Motzer

North side