Walmart to revamp, reopen El Paso store after mass shooting

Flowers, crosses and flags are part of a memorial near the Walmart in El Paso, where 22 people were killed in a mass shooting on Aug. 3.

America is dropping ball; time to fire the coach

Are we coming to the end of the “Great American Experiment?” We have been the dominant team for more than a century. Our economy is on the verge of being sacked. The climate is beginning to spiral down as we watch from the sidelines. Our quarterback is out of touch with his teammates. The opposition knows our plays, and is reading our signs. Their coach is smarter than ours. The only chance we have is to fire the coach and hope the experienced players can salvage the season and our future.

Morton Cederbaum

Green Valley

Violence is our nature and we revel in it

Every month or so an article explodes with a tale about a goon shooting numerous people, killing a high percentage of them. It is horrific, no doubt. Each is followed by the inevitable weeping, gnashing of teeth and demands for preventative laws.

Protesters are hot and heavy, but quickly we are back to business as usual. Should we be shocked or even surprised by these incidents? Peaceful individuals abound in this nation to be sure. But many, many of us thoroughly enjoy boxing, football and car races with fiery crashes (all advocating violence). Most parents stand idly by while their children are fascinated by video games suggesting shootings and killings.

Are you able to accept the premise that we are a violent nation with many people basking in carnage and gore? No question that certain legislation will lessen the horrors, but we’ll never do away with it. We revel in it.

Phil Reinecker

East side

Stolen trade secrets are a result of greed

President Trump keeps saying that China has stolen our corporations’ trade secrets. I would like to know how China got a hold of all these trade secrets. My idea is it’s a result of greed. A corporate CEO would gladly give up his companies trade secrets for the opportunity to access 800 million (China’s population) new buyers. Hell, because of greed a CEO would give up his own mother for that many customers.

And just for grins, what good is it to get the trade secrets back if the Chinese already have them?

Jose Salgado

Northeast side

UA football needs change

Re: the Aug. 27 article “After unacceptable opening loss, where do Wildcats go from here?”

I have been following UA football for almost 75 years. This loss was disappointing to say the least, but not surprising. Last year’s loss to BYU I thought was an omen of things to come. The current coaching staff hasn’t shown much in the way of adjusting to game situations, nor to the skills of the players (i.e. misusing Khalil Tate by not taking advantage of his speed and elusiveness).

On reflection of the past, I thought about the lack of success by head coaches who came to UA after being fired at their previous school. Coaches who came to mind were Ed Doherty, John Mackovic, and Rich Rodriguez. Perhaps the athletic director needs to cut the school’s losses and get a successful coaching staff that cares.

Like you, I hope the UA gets to the Rose Bowl during my lifetime. I hope it happens sooner than later.

Greg Scott

Northwest side

Where do I live, Tucson or Marana?

My mailing address is Tucson. I have been voting by mail for many years. When I phoned the city clerk’s office to ask why I had not received a mail-in ballot, I was informed that I did not live in the city limits, that I lived in Marana. Therefore, I was not eligible to vote for Tucson mayor. I was told that the post office probably just had not gotten around to changing my address to Marana. I’m so confused now and I don’t know where I live.

Leslie Harris


Kirkpatrick does hold town halls

Re: the Aug.23 letter “How many town halls are Democrats holding?”

The writer questioned how many town halls democratic members of Congress have held. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has held three town halls and four “Congress on Your Corner” events. She believes that to understand the concerns of her constituents she must meet with them regularly.

Town halls start with a report from the congresswoman about her work in Congress. She then answers questions from the attendees.

At “Congress on Your Corner,” the congresswoman meets individually with everyone who attends. Constituents present their concerns in a personal conversation. Case work staff can open cases on the spot and work with the federal agency to resolve the matter.

The word “representative” is more than a job title, it is also a job description. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick is committed to that concept.

I am proud to be the district director for a member of Congress who has made this job, more than a title. This is how democracy is supposed to work.

Ron Barber, district director for Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick


CEOs and wolves in new clothing

Re: the Aug. 27 article “CEOs’ statement on profits is a welcome change.”

I saw the same announcement that Nicole Koch did, when CEOs of the Business Roundtable said stockholder benefits and monetary return should no longer be a corporation’s primary focus. While I welcome the sentiment, I’m going to wait to see what they do that demonstrates this new-found economic kumbayah. Unlike Koch, when I read the original article my reaction pictured the wolves fingering the lapels of a new suit of sheep’s clothing.

Tom Collier

North side

Conservation fund

for public lands a must

In Arizona, we are fortunate enough to have 28 million acres where we can hunt, fish, hike and enjoy all types of outdoor recreation thanks to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Over its 52-year history, LWCF has invested over $228 million to protect Arizona’s iconic outdoor places from the Grand Canyon to Saguaro National Park, Coronado National Forest and Lake Mead Recreation Area. LWCF is the best tool we have for protecting public lands, yet in continues to be underfunded by Congress. There has never been more of a need for this program.

Now more than ever, we need America’s best conservation tool. The West lost a football field worth of natural area to human development every 30 seconds between 2001 and 2017.

Congress cannot afford to wait any longer to protect this program and make these critical investments in America’s public lands and its communities.

Nathan Rees


Laws are laws,

not suggestions

Baloney. The “sanctuary city” idea is lame to start with. Dang it, laws are laws. They aren’t suggestions. Yeah, it looks like there is a problem getting some laws to apply to “deep state” folks and other political figures, but there is a legal way for folks to come to the U.S. Undocumented immigrants have been with us forever because the U.S. has promise. It is a constitutional republic, not a democracy , and that form of government works better for everybody than does socialism. That only works for the ruling class. The sanctuary city movement appeals to some simple-minded folks that just want to help the poor afflicted of the world, but mainly its purpose is to provide votes for Democrats. Disgusting.

Ed Sanford

East side

Steps to dictatorship have a familiar ring

There is a path to becoming a dictator. First, invoke fear with your own supporters. Then, when your supporters are afraid of you, grab power, then more and more. Eventually, you can have all of the power and nobody can or will stop you. The news accounts indicate that one man has decided he can hold anyone for as long as he chooses, he can order companies not to do business with anyone he chooses. He (or his aides) can find an authority for anything he wants to do. Are his supporters doing anything to stop him?

Incidentally, he is a person consumed with his hatred of some races and religions.

I did not make a comparison to anyone past or present, but I will bet your mind did.

Michael Ullery

Northeast side

Multiple definitions of ‘deplorable’

First, the definition of “deplorable” from Merriam-Webster: deserving censure or contempt.

A person who does not consider Trump’s words and actions as racist, may have enough racial bias in them to be deplorable.

A person who does not see Trump’s attacks on the welfare of the poor and less well-off as predatory may be deplorable.

A person who looks past Trump’s over 11,000 lies may be deplorable.

A person who defends Trump’s record of family separation at our border may be deplorable.

A person who defends Trump’s lack of action following mass murders, after stating he would do something, may be deplorable.

This litany could go on, but there is a word limit.

Trump supporters have the right to be his supporters. Others have the right to judge them as they see fit. What neither side should do, is raise the level of discussion to the point of inciting violence on the other side. How many times has Trump done exactly that?

Jeff Rayner